Lifestyle Change for May – Eat 1 Green Salad a Day

1 May

Food that is ALIVE or RAW– that do not need any cooking for us to enjoy – are the foods with the richest nutrient value.  Fruits, vegetables and nuts are all included in this category.  And the best way for us to make sure we are getting our daily fix of the necessary fruits and vegetables is to accustom ourselves to eat one big green salad a day.

  • Salads contain lots of insoluble fiber that helps with constipation issues – therefore you’ll be able to go to the bathroom more times and more efficiently
  • It’s the easiest way to ensure we eat as freshly as possible


You have full control of what will go into your salad.  You can add as many or as few ingredients in each salad as you wish.  I have made salads with lots of ingredients – some raw and some cooked – and salads of just one ingredient.  But take this challenge as an opportunity to venture into trying new salad ingredients, new vegetables you have never tried before… it’s a chance to expand your salad horizons.  Just commit to including into your daily diet the habit of adding a salad to one of your meals.

Here are a few ideas for those of you who are not fully vegetarian yet:

  • Try to make yourself a side salad with every meal you prepare at home.  Here are a few examples of simple salads you can always make at home:
  • If you still eat occasionally at fast food restaurants, ask for a side salad instead of the French fries
  • If you bring your own lunch to work, always have a bowl for your salad – add lettuce, tomatoes, some cucumbers… or even cut corn, whatever, just always include a salad bowl as part of your lunch.
  • Always ask to include salad greens in your sandwiches – lettuce, tomato, onions, sprouts, cucumbers, spinach leaves, shredded carrots, etc.
  • Try to add fresh vegetables to some of your cooked dishes – create a pasta primavera or a pasta salad with fresh peppers, tomato and onions, etc.


Sometimes, the key to eating more salads are the DRESSINGS… here are a few dressing ideas that will bring more pizzazz and variety to your salads:

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