KarmaFree Cooking Class – Salads and Dressings

26 Mar

Hi you all…

I want to start by first apologizing for being so reclusive for the last months…  actually, almost year.  I had a very serious technical meltdown at the end of 2015, and that translated into some health issues that took a lot of steam out of me, to the point that I was not inspired to cook or write.

You know how it can be when you lose momentum in everything in life…  it takes a lot of effort and will to start all over again.  I have been thinking a lot about you and the blog.  But mostly about YOU…  the energy that keeps me inspired and going. I felt I was letting you guys down and I had to do something about it.

So to start easing into sharing recipes and content with you all, I decided to organize a cooking class at the Yoga Center this coming Saturday, April 1.  The class is all about Salads and Dressings – a different kind of salad bar, using some familiar and some unexpected ingredients that span all the colors of the rainbow, a potato salad, a pasta salad and possibly even a cool new way to make coleslaw.  But we need quorum for that…

Clase Cocina Ensaladas 3A

The class will start at 9:30AM… It’ll be very interactive and we’ll have for lunch everything we prepare.  So bring your apron, notebook and pencil to write down all the tips we share besides the actual recipes.  The donation for the class is $45, and all goes towards the ingredients and the Yoga Center who allows us to use their awesome kitchen.

If you’re interested…  please write us a comment here or send us a comment on the Facebook Event.  The class will mostly be held in Spanish, but I can make it bilingual if any of you out there do not do Spanish too well.  No judgement… you’re all welcome.  Please send us a message as soon as possible, because I need to purchase the ingredients for everything and I want to have enough!!!  If you need directions on how to get to Centro Cultural Yoga Devanand in San Juan, here are some instructions.

Hope to see some of you there… and please forward this message to all your friends who might be interested in learning some new recipes and techniques to jazz up their salad repertoire.



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