Vegetarian Junk Food 1

When people decide to become vegetarian, most of the time they focus on what they’re deciding to NEVER eat again, instead of focusing on the possibilities of what’s ahead…  I believe it is human nature to mourn the past instead of looking towards the future with joy and anticipation.

Last weekend, at the Yoga Center I attend, I was asked to give out a presentation on how we don’t need to inhibit ourselves from having a goodie once in a while…  even though we must always strive to eat as healthily as possible,  in the life of every good vegetarian , a little junk food must always fall in.  Always!

So I want to share with you a list of those goodies that people might believe will never be able to enjoy, but now, enjoy them the veggie karma-free way!!  Brace yourself because this is an exercise on Vegetarian Junk food to the MAX!


Salty Snacks

Regular salty snacks are full of chemical preservatives, artificial colorants and MSG.  What’s a conscious vegetarian to do when there’s a party and we’re hungry for some chips???    My favorite salty snacks are Barbara’s Bakery Cheese Puffs and Cheese Puffs Bakes.  I love that they come in the traditional cheddar crunchy variety, just like a certain cheetah brand and it also comes in white cheddar.  I sneak these into the movie theater as often as I can.


I also enjoy a loy the new Frito Lay’s Natural variety – they have Lay’s potato chips and Cheetos too.  And best of all, no additional trip to the health food store – these are available in your regular grocery store.

I like also Terra Chips…  I love all their varieties, and they even have a BBQ chip version, which rock!!!


If you live in a tropical area,  I personally like Chifles plantain chips.  These are widely available in Puerto Rico and in Miami.  These are delicious with any sandwich instead of potato chips.  My aunt in Miami even makes them to eat as a side dish.  In Miami they make a garlic mojito to dip them in or to pour over them.  Not to be confused with the drink… OK?

Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

Most premium ice creams out there include eggs or egg yolks in their ingredient list, which bummed me incredibly because I really used to enjoy a really creamy cup of Häagen-Dazs Swiss Chocolate Almond once in a while.  But now that I am off eggs and off chocolate what’s a karma-free girl to do???

I give you Häagen-Dazs Fruit Sorbets – I personally prefer strawberry and mango flavors.  The mango variety was my first and it’s truly like eating a frozen mango.  I believe this is the brand they serve at the Delano Hotel in Miami…  hush hush.

But if you’re more the Dulce de Leche type of vegetarian…  Häagen-Dazs also has a Dulce de Leche Frozen Yogurt, which to our knowledge does not include eggs in the recipe.

OK – I know I can’t leave my vegan or lactose-intolerant friends hanging…  so there’s for you Rice Dream and Soy Dream.  Both are pretty good and creamy and the nice thing is that they have Carob varieties so you can enjoy that chocolate-like experience without the caffeine of the chocolate.




Soft Drinks

I don’t know about you…  but eating a pizza with an orange juice or with a bottle of water just does not entice me too much.  Pizzas were made to be eaten together with a soft drink.  But what to do if you have shun away from your like all Cokes and Pepsis???

I give you Ginseng Ups – I learned to live again the day I learned about Ginseng Ups.  I was always the biggest Coke fan and when my doctors ordered me off caffeine immediately I had to say goodbye to my long-time friend – so I started drinking 7-Ups .  When I decided to make some natural changes in my life, I said good-bye now to my 7-Ups.  Then one day a friend from the yoga center bought a Cola Ginseng-Up at a health food store.  When I asked her how that tasted she simply said, “Like Coke”.  I was incredulous.  She gave me a taste and ALELUYA!!!! (can you hear the angels sing too!?!?!?!?)  My world was alive again.  I was a convert right then and there.  Ginseng Ups is the soft drink that anyone who visits me drinks…    It comes in several varieties – I personally like Cola, Lime, Ginger and the Original.  Kola Champagne is a very popular flavor for Puerto Ricans, but the last time I checked it had some weirs colorant so I no longer buy it.


I also like a lot Izze Sodas.  They’re natural and super refreshing.  They have a lot of effervescence.  I like they’re Clementine flavor a lot.


I am going to stop here so this post is not super long…  I promise to bring you a few more of my favorite vegetarian junk food so you don’t have to ever feel deprived when deciding to try the vegetarian lifestyle…

Feel free to share your favorite vegetarian junk foods too… because I am certain that  Vegetarian Junk Food RULES!!!

3 Responses to “Vegetarian Junk Food 1”

  1. Matilda Duhliu December 23, 2009 at 1:01 pm #

    Really interesting post – when will you write more about vegeterian junk food?

  2. Nycole December 24, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    I’m am going to become a vegeterian and was doing research first. I love junk food, and also my children. The first of the year we going to give it a try. This really help.

    • KarmaFree Cooking December 24, 2012 at 9:10 am #

      good for u!!!!!!! And not be so hard on yourself… go easy on you. This is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s hard on the mind to make changes that are so engrained for years and years. Cut yourself some slack if you might find yourself having a hard time at the beggining.

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