World-wide Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants

3 Dec

A few weeks ago I wrote about how a local restaurant guide was not respectful to the vegetarian community in Puerto Rico.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this site Happy Cow  which provides listings around the world of vegetarian restaurants and other vegetarian sources by country, as their website says:

HappyCow’s vegetarian restaurants guide is a global, searchable vegetarian dining guide and directory of natural health food stores, including nutrition & health tips, vegan recipes, raw foods, travel, vegan-ism and other vegetarian issues. 



And of course, they include a listing for vegetarian restaurants in Puerto Rico.  What I respect about this listing, is they mention which restaurants are not 100% vegetarian, so any vegetarian living here or visiting from abroad is fully informed before they visit the establishment.   Something I liked, is that on the top of the page you can select if you want the whole listing, or just 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurants only.  Yeah!!! they get it.




I believe it’s best to cook yourself, where you are 200% sure of what’s going into your food.  But I am realistic that cooking for yourself all the time is very difficult.

Just thought it is fair to give you good options and alternatives, not just criticize what’s available.

Bon Appetit!


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