My Xmas Wish List

12 Dec

It’s the holidays… I put up my Xmas lights last Sunday, which look very nice indeed, so I thought it was a good time to write my list for Santa.

 Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good vegetarian girl this year.  And if you think so too, this are some of the things I would like to receive under the tree this year:

 1.  A cast iron dutch oven – I would like to try this no-knead bread recipe and a cast iron dutch oven is a must to execute this recipe. 


2.  A Kithchen-Aid Stand mixer – as you can tell from the previous entry, I like breads and pastries, but I do not like to mix or knead.  Plus, it has a pasta attachment so I could do homemade eggless lasagna noodles, raviolis, etc. 


3.  Rachael Ray’s East/West Knife – I once had this knife in my hand and it was only $40 bucks… now it’s a bit more expensive, but I am sure I will give it good use.  I love the way it rocks on the cutting board.


I know these are material things and are just nice to have. What I would really want, if possible, for Xmas is more understanding among people, more patience and more tolerance. Celebrating the holidays amongst friends and family in a humane way. For people to realize that to celebrate the Holidays they don’t need to inflict pain onto other living creatures – like our little siblings – the pig, the turkey, the lamb or the veal, cow, or even the fish.

That’s my true wish… for people to embrace Vegetarianism and to live an all-round more peaceful existence.

Thanks Santa,


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