Vanilla Powder

11 Feb

Vanilla – one of the most versatile spices there are…  it works in desserts, beverages, milkshakes, side dishes, main dishes…  I use it all the time. 

A few years ago it was brought to my attention that most vanilla extracts are mostly made with alcohol, and in the yoga center I attend and cook for some times a month, we are not supposed to use anything with alcohol as an ingredient.  So, we need to buy some alcohol-free vanilla syrups or some locally made vanilla extracts, which many times are difficult to find.  I have used fresh vanilla pods, but I can’t find them here in Puerto Rico easily… I have to buy them when I travel to the US or online, when I can find a provider that will ship here… 


But last year I found this great product – VANILLA POWDER.  Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder from Nielsen-Massey .  It’s a sugar-free and alcohol-free dry product which can replace vanilla extract in any recipe.  It extracts the essence of vanilla beans and is infused in a natural, dry base.  And the smell is…  AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!!!!!

I bought my initial bottle in Indiana, when I visited my sister last year… but I was very pleasantly surprised to find it now in the spices section of my local Freshmart supermarket.

To me, this powder is far superior than any McCormick product out there… go out and look for it.  You’ll never go back to alcohol-based or vanilla flavored products.  Mark my words…

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