2008 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities

20 Jun

The 2008 sexiest vegetarian celebrities were announced today – new British singing sensation Leona Lewis and Anthony Kiedis, lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Leona Lewis apparently has been a vegetarian for a long time now… and she evens goes to the extent of not wearing any clothing, shoes or handbags made from leather or suede.  For Anthony, being vegetarian is a more recent lifestyle change.  He decided to try a vegan diet after a doctor recommended it for his son.  And after learning additional information about the depleting ocean ecosystems and the horrible meat industry practices… he says he’s sure he’ll never go back to eating how he used to.

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, conducts each year an online voting to determine who the sexiest vegetarian celebrities are.  The lists for both male and female are looooong.  Here are some of my favorites:

Bryan Adams  – he used to be my “boyfriend” when I was in High School

Michael Bolton – I just love him and his music…

Noah Wyle – from ER fame

Joaquin Phoenix – He’s so sexy…

Ruben Studdard – from American Idol Season 2 fame… goes to show you that not all vegetarians are skinny (or maybe it’s a new thing for him…

Paul McCartney – my mom’s favorite Beatle

Rupert Everett – from the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding

Shania Twain – I think she’s awesome…

Carrie Underwood – from American Idol Season 4

Kristi Brinkley – my favorite Cover Girl

Vanessa Williams – she’s so wicked in Ugly Betty

Pink – love her music…



Check them out…

If you want to be as sexy as these celebrities… maybe you would like to try being a vegetarian for a while.  PETA encourages people to Pledge to go Veg for 30 days.   And PETA will forward you with information, snack info, where to eat out and more…  hey, you already have me as a resource too.

And stay tuned for next year’s event.  Maybe you’ll be partly responsible for the sexiest vegetarian celebrity for 2009.


One Response to “2008 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities”

  1. Kimberly June 20, 2008 at 4:55 pm #

    One of the best things about your blog, is it makes me more conscious of what it means to be a vegetarian. I have gone back and forth for years between being a meat eater and saying I was a vegetarian – but I was never completely mindful of all the things you have to check to really be truly vegetarian.

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