NYC Veggie Restaurants – Viva Pizza

6 Nov

Every time my mom and I visit NYC, we crave a pizza from Viva Pizza. 


We first learned about Viva Pizza from our friends at the Yoga Center in Queens.  They all used to visit Viva Pizza at Broadway and 97th street to eat their delicious variety of natural pizzas – all made from whole wheat, spelt or corn crusts and natural dairy or soy cheeses.  They are really awesome.

I am traditional and always order a Pizza Margherita on a whole wheat crust.  My mom loves pesto, so she always orders one that includes pesto, sundried tomatoes and spinach.  I usually order a China Cola too – another natural version of a Coke.  It’s really good, and I’ve only seen it at Viva Pizza.

This time around, we also visited Viva Pizza’s restaurant on 2nd Ave between 12th and 11th streets.  This was our first time at this location.  Both are really small pizza joints, but I found the variety at the 2nd Ave location to be much better.  My mom had trouble deciding… I mean she always does, but this time was even harder.

The pizzas are soooo good, I forgot to take pictures both times we were there.  I had to go by on a later day to photograph the outside at least so I could tell you all about it.  It was 9:30AM and they were still closed…. Thank God, because if not, I would have eaten pizza again for the 3rd time in less than a week.

But when in NYC, not eating a pizza is a crime…

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