KarmaFree Cooking turns 1 year old!!!!

8 Nov

Believe it or not, KarmaFree Cooking’s 1st Anniversary is here!!!!

I truly can’t believe it.  Something that started as something to just collect my vegetarian recipes has grown into something really cool.  Nowadays we receive an average of 450-500 visits each day, people from around the world visit our little page each month, you share with me your recipes and ideas and some of you are self-proclaimed fans of KarmaFree Cooking…

I am sooooo glad to be of service.  I feel it is a responsibility and a privilege to share with you all that I have learned to make my life and health a little better by just adjusting what I eat and how I eat it.

So to celebrate our 1st Anniversary, I want to share with you how KarmaFree Cooking has been getting exposure on the regular media outlets here in Puerto Rico…


Josy LaTorre is a well-known vegetarian in Puerto Rico – she was (or still is, I am not sure) part of a very successful musical group Haciendo Punto, she authored a biography on the local mega-star comedian Jose Miguel Agrelot, she has a weekly vegetarian column in El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper and hosts a weekly vegetarian radio show in Radio Isla 1320AM every Sunday morning at 8:30AM.  So she’s very well known in PR for her support of the vegetarian diet.

We came into contact a few months ago and finally, recently, I accepted her invitation to visit her radio show and serve as a resource to answer listeners’ questions.   She had visited this blog and liked my approach, my philosophy on being vegetarian and how I expressed myself in my posts…  even though Jossy is mostly vegan, she was also interested in tasting some of the recipes I had posted on the blog.

I had a blast.  I was with her on air for 1 hour.  We talked about my journey on how I decided to become a vegetarian, how long it took for me and how I believe you should not force your decision.  We also talked about the role Yoga had in my decision to become vegetarian and the benefits I had seen in my life and health.  Then it came the tasting part…  I brought with me samples of my hummus, my guacamole and my veggie party dip.  I made them dairy-free for her and she loved them all and she mentioned it all on the air.


My conversations with Josy were instrumental to start creating a Spanish-version of KarmaFree Cooking.  I started it a few months ago, and now I develop each post in both languages from the get go… but I came to understand how this information is valuable to people around the world.  And even though having a site in English reaches a lot of people, the Hispanic community around the world is starved for information in their same language…  I have Josy to thank for that.  It’s more work for me, but I know my objective of sharing the KarmaFree Cooking philosophy is reaching farther and farther.

During November, the emblematic month for giving thanks and being appreciative, I want to thank Josy for supporting the KarmaFree Cooking philosophy and wanting to share it with her public and to YOU, KarmaFree Cooking reader who visit our site regularly looking for information, recipes and inspiration to continue sure-footed on your vegetarian lifestyle despite the constant messages from the omnivore world.  Thanks…  and may we be able to continue to celebrate many more anniversaries together.

Feel free to leave me your comments or thoughts… and if you do not want to miss anything posted in KarmaFree Cooking, please subscribe to receive a RSS feed or e-mail alerts.  They are sent out every time I post something new and you will not miss anything new on the blog.


2 Responses to “KarmaFree Cooking turns 1 year old!!!!”

  1. Liz November 30, 2008 at 9:53 pm #

    Congratulations on “turning” one! I’m so glad to hear there’s now a Spanish version as well. Long may KarmaFree Cooking continue; and keep up the good work. I love reading what you get up to. 🙂

  2. Raul Feliciano December 16, 2008 at 8:40 am #


    Now, who would defend the lettuce/tomatos right to life?
    Trees have, Animals have, but not fishes…or the above.

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