I’m still here…

21 Dec

I feel bad… I feel as if I have sort of abandoned you.  I took Thanksgiving week off as a little vacation, and afterwards, I got the most horrible flu possible.   I was in bed sick for 2 full weeks… no energy or desire to cook, write or do anything than just lie in bed sick.  I had fever every night and constantly felt shivers.

I tried many natural remedies – lemon, honey, aloe and onion to aid my strong coughs, medicinal teas, homeopathic syrups, drinking lots of liquids, etc.  I ultimately had to resort to traditional antibiotics and remedies. The moral of this story is that you should always try first natural remedies to feel better when you’re sick, but you should also be cautious and if your illness has gotten a hold on you that natural remedies can’t help much anymore, we need to have the wisdom and fortitude to resort to traditional remedies and later on then do some fasting and eat lots of raw foods to counter acts any negative side effects of those traditional prescription drugs.

KarmaFree Cooking promotes a more natural and vegetarian lifestyle, but it’s better to “pollute” your body with some traditional drugs than to have a super clean system, but then be “6-feet under” because an illness was not properly taken care of.  My natural doctor believes in that and I believe in him.

I am much better now and ready to roll with you…

And on a separate note… while I was “under the weather”, my friend Fiona from Recipes2Share gave me an Award – the Superior Scribbler Award.  I really do not know the criteria used to give the award to someone, but nonetheless I feel very honored and privileged.   So, I have set up my own criteria…


I reciprocate to Fiona… by forwarding this award to:

  • Kathleen at Kathleen’s Vegetarian Kitchen – my friend and who gave me the initial push to start this KarmaFree project
  • Michael at Herbivoracious – who was brave enough to leave his 9-to-5 job and try vegetarian cooking as a career for a while
  • Heidi at 101 Cookbooks – who’s a continuous source of inspiration
  • Brenda at Bren’s FlaNboyanteats – a Cuban friend who’s taking the Latin cuisine to Emeril’s and beyond
  • My friends at Serious Eats – where I have found food junkies just like me where we can express ourselves without limitations


The rules of the award are simple to carry on:

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Link to me for giving it to you
  • Link the  originating post here
  • Pass it on to five deserving people
  • Post these rules for your recipients

One Response to “I’m still here…”

  1. K December 25, 2008 at 10:32 am #

    Glad you are feeling better. I was wondering if you were on holiday or preparing early for another Yoga retreat.

    KFC – I am so glad you are paying attention… I indeed went this year to my yoga retreat, but I prepared only 3 days prior. Keep in touch and you’lll read all about it right here… Best regards.

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