Rice and Soy Picadillo

7 Mar

This is a staple of Latin cuisine…  made the vegetarian way.    This is also another way to use they Soy Picadillo recipe I gave you guys a few weeks ago.

It’s amazing, but I have several non-vegetarian friends who regularly ask me to make this Soy Picadillo for them and their families.  They tell me they love to eat it as a filling for lasagna, on top of a baked potato, as an appetizer in “barquillitos”.  But the most popular way of eating it is on top of white rice… I still have not been able to convenience them to change to whole grain rice, but one has to pick their battles.  They’re eating soy picadillo already!!!!



Soy Picadillo recipe here
Whole Grain Rice


Serve with a side salad and sweet plantains…  traditional Puerto Rican fare at its best.


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