Kitchen Safety

4 Sep

Another reason why I have been a little bit quiet… I had an issue with my stove.   

A few weeks back, while attempting to fry some green plantains for making tostones, my stove had a short circuit and the burner I was using exploded.  Yes…  it exploded!!!  I was extremely lucky I was not hurt in any way.  Not even a drop of oil got on me.  I can’t say the same for the kitchen walls or floor.

Look at the hole the short circuit made on the pan I was using…  you have seen this pan before in many other pictures.  It’s a Jamie Oliver collection T-Fal.  Look at the HOLE it made!!!!

Sarten 1


              Sarten 2    SArten 3

The moral of the story????  Please,  buy a fire extinguisher for your kitchens.  I didn’t have one and I wished I had one at the time.

My mom was with me at home when this happened and being a true mom, she “prohibited” me from using that stove again.  We went to Sears that evening to get a new one.  You’ll get to see it soon in upcoming posts… it’s really cute with a glass top. No more regular burners here…

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