Vegetarian Awareness Month

3 Oct

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month.  This is an initiative of the North American Vegetarian Society to promote vegetarianism and its benefits across the US and North America.


For vegetarians, it’s a way to celebrate and promote our healthy, compassionate life-style and dietary choice.  And for those who still have not made the change, it serves as an incentive and motivation to give meatless meal a more serious look and possibly even giving it a try.  You will be helping to create a better world because vegetarian diets have proven health benefits, save animals’ lives and help to preserve the Earth.

Please consider joining us, with the thousands of others this October, who will be exploring the vast variety of tasty and healthful meat-free foods, and sharing information about the benefits of vegetarian diets with the people in their local communities…

If you are still not a vegetarian, consider these few tips from NAVS on how you can still support Vegetarian Awareness Month:

  • Eat meat-free for the day or throughout the month
  • Learn how a vegetarian diet can benefit you personally
  • Try the meatless options available at local restaurants and eateries
  • Discuss vegetarianism with your interested friends, family and co-workers
  • Host a meatless meal or potluck for your friends
  • Eat meatless meals on a regular basis

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