Sofrito 102

9 Nov

I have already shared with you my basic recipe for SOFRITO 101 here.  It’s a basis of flavor for most recipes I make… including onions, peppers and garlic.  However, there might be some variations.

You could also add into the mix some AJÍ DULCES… these are local sweet peppers.  These are grown by my aunt in her backyard.  Very similar to these are AJÍ PICANTES, or spicy little peppers.  As soon as I learn their names in English, I will share with you.

 aji dulces 2

Ají Dulces give an interesting dimension to your Sofrito… plus, some color when they turn red.  They’re not as sweet as a bell pepper, but they’re not spicy like a jalapeno or Serrano chile.  It’s something in between, but really nice.

 I personally am allergic to the heat of the spicy ones.  And sometimes when you buy them in the store you need to be careful because they might mix the sweet and the spicy kind.  That’s why I only use the ones from my aunt’s backyard.  Because if I ever touch the seeds of the spicy ones my hands are burning for days.

Add some Aji Dulces to your sofrito next time… and if you ever get bitten by the sting of an ají picante, just dunk your hands in tequila… a trick I learned the hard way.

aji dulces 1



One Response to “Sofrito 102”

  1. Laura N. November 10, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    Hi there!
    I have a glossary that lists the Ají Dulce as “Sweet Pepper”.

    Googling around, I found that the Ají Dulce’s botanical denomination is Capsicum chinense (syn. Capsicum sinense). See here:

    Here is another informative link:

    Hope that helps!

    KFC – Laura… excellent resources!!!! But as you may know, AJI DULCE are not really all that sweet, like a red bell pepper would be. But it definitely imparts a new dimension to your sofrito. Thanks a lot and keep visiting…

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