Be wary of pretty Passion Fruits…

5 Dec

When you go to the market, you usually seek out the prettiest produce you can find… however that principle does not apply to passion fruits.

The thing is that when a passion fruit’s outside skin is pretty and smooth – the passion fruit is still unripe.  But when the fruit gets all wrinkled and “old-looking” that’s when it is on point.  Something very similar also happens with sweet ripe plantains.

Photo by omheart on Flickr

The passion fruits we have here in Puerto Rico are yellow, quite different from the ones I usually see in the media or internet.  Just like any fruit, they’re usually sweet but they have a tart undertone.  But if you get a tarty one, you can sweeten it very quickly adding some brown sugar or honey.  The pulp inside is laced with lots of small black seeds that you can eat together with the pulp.  No need to strain them at all…

Just take your crinkly and ugly-looking passion fruit, cut it in half and scoop out the pulp.  You can eat the pulp right from the shell, or use the pulp alone in juices and desserts.  I personally like a lot to make my own Passion fruit Yogurt.



One Response to “Be wary of pretty Passion Fruits…”

  1. Ines December 6, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    Thanks a lot for that article. I am never sure when the passion fruit is ready to be eaten. Now I know better!

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