A Love Letter – An Open Letter to Samadhi

10 Feb

My friends,

My spiritual Guru gave me this letter written by him for me to share with you and the rest of the world.  This is not any regular chain letter…   This is a very special letter he wrote – it’s super powerful and I still get teary eyed when I re-read it.  I know him and I know Samadhi personally, and I am confident this letter will reach her sooner rather than later…

A great gift to celebrate TRUE LOVE on the month when we usually celebrate just romantic love…

With lots of my love,     



A Love Letter – An Open Letter to Samadhi

 To my dearest Samadhi:

Samadhi Shanti Om                                                                                                                                             By Luis F. Rivera, MD

You don’t know how many twists and turns and more turns I have given to start this letter.  Maybe because I wanted the words to come out straight from the heart splashed with musical notes straight from the intellect and accompanied by the purest of loves that could ever be expressed by emotions and feelings. Unfortunately, words are not capable to manifest the subtler expressions from within, just as life is not capable to express the immortality of the soul.

Four years Samadhi… we were together for the first four years of your life.  It was a profound love, Divine, indescribable and unique.  A love so pure that it wouldn’t allow even the emotions or feelings to touch it.   A love without attachments, but it encompassed in its interior the mystical and powerful force of God himself.  A love so clean it enveloped the sweetness a father feels for his daughter, the tenderness a grandfather feels for his granddaughter and the friendliness a Guru feels for his disciple.  And on occasions, I will confess to you your eyes clearly manifested the presence of God in his feminine aspect, emanating through the eyes of an innocent creature.

We loved each other.  You know, God knows we loved each other with sincerity and when we were together the whole world around us would stop, the clocks no longer told time and the roses stopped perfuming.  For four years you were my daughter, my granddaughter, my friend, my disciple and my little sister.  You were the light that still is lit, a burning torch that will never burn out, a sun that warms up the universe, a star that never dies.

No girl, don’t be confused.  I am neither attached nor obsessed with you.  It’s only love, the majestic force which unites all hearts and that persons never want to see or hear or feel.  It’s only love, which makes life turn, the powerful force most people are afraid of and almost no one is brave enough to feel.    Don’t ever forget love only knows how to love.   Love knows nothing of analysis, and it doesn’t know anything of analytics or logistics.  Its sole function is to love and it knows how to do it very well.

I never thought a friendship so intense was possible amongst two persons of so extremely different ages:  more than 50 years difference.  We were united during four long and short years.  Three years and ten months to be exact.  And during that time, the world turned differently.  During that time the universe stopped in a sigh.  I do not know how it happened, but in that instant, I transformed from the insides out and I turned into a child just like you and I would look through your eyes and I felt you could also see through mine.  It was something magical; there are really no words to describe it.  We lived a fantasy then, a world of dreams where we played and laughed and we truly laughed, from the heart, with bursts of laughter that cut through space and reached God transforming into celestial music.

I don’t know what happened when we were together. We found ourselves, we would melt, we would intertwine and with laughter and tears, with wonder and happiness we expressed the satisfaction we felt to be together again.  You have no idea how grateful I am you were born, that you accepted to be next to me all this time and for loving me they way you did.  You gave me as a gift four years of your life and I enjoyed them by your side to the fullest.  That’s why I feel filled with you and I do not resent anyone the fact we were separated from each other, because without being part of your physical family, your parents shared you with me trustingly and without reservations… with sincerity.  At times you would call me “papá” and then, as a joke, you would look me in the eyes and I would look into yours and we would burst out laughing, tickling one another. 

You know, I never wanted to get married or have kids of my own.  In this lifetime, I was not born for that.  I still stand by it.  I was born to be free and to dedicate myself to the spiritual life.  Marriage would have been a ball and chain that would ruin my life.  Then, just as a ray of light cuts through space, you arrived and took over my heart without even asking for permission.  You came in without knocking at my door and without being seen wiggled yourself in between the meadows of my life and left my heart out in the open.  You know my girl, when people turn older and they become adults they’re in a hurry to forget about their childhood… and you… you broke the locks at my doors, you entered softly and in silence to the deepest parts of me.  And with a mischievous look, you allowed the light to enter.

I want to restate, just in case the doubt arises in any morbid mind, this is a healthy and sane friendship, innocent and pure, clean, without any blemish; tender and mature at the same time.  Incapable of being damaged or of damaging anything or anyone.  So craftily, you made me remember what it was to be a kid, you made me know their intelligence, their wisdom, their concerns, their fears.  And you made me value, admire, respect, and love them with all my heart.  Thanks my little friend for entering my heart and playing with it.  Thanks for destroying it and rebuilding a new heart for me… a bigger one, stronger and more beautiful one.

What a shame that when we turn into adults we forget the greatness of children, their spiritual depth and their beautiful relationship with God.  My sweet baby, you gave me experiences I’ve never had before and for that, my heart bursts with gratitude.

To this day, I still do not understand why we got separated.  Maybe with the excuse of protecting you, due to jealousy or envy or to who knows what.  If the reason is they wanted to protect you from me, let me just affirm to you that no one in this world, not even your parents, have had the power to protect you as intensely as I have.  Nobody in any of the three worlds would even dare do you any harm.  In my respect, I would never be capable of hurting a Divine manifestation like you.  That’s how I perceive you, even if the rest of the world just sees your physical aspect.  In reality… I don’t get it.  There has been no communication; I only know that to this day I have not known anything else from you.

You know what’s the only thing I regret?  The few last times we saw each other, when it came time to say goodbye, you desperately ran into my room yelling me “Close the door!!!”, with teary and jumpy eyes.  And you latched on to me in fear… and I was so clumsy, so stupid, not to understand the message you were giving me.  We would not get to see each other in a long time.   You were sensing what was about to happen and I didn’t notice.  And I regret not giving you the longest hug of my life at that moment.  It’s important you remember this, my sweetheart: I never abandoned you or will abandon you ever.  You may never get to read this letter; or maybe when you do get to read it I may not be present in this material plane.  But the moments we spent together will most certainly transcend this material world and they will travel the universe and will never be any separation.  Ever.

Those who might read this letter might think I am sad, but it’s not true.  I am happy.  I just wanted to tell part of an important event in my life so it’s never forgotten, so future generations remember you the way I remember you.  I do not know, my good girl, the good or bad things some may have told you about me.  That’s just the purpose of this letter, for you to have my version of what has happened so you can build in your mind a whole picture by the time you need to make a decision.  Because I assure you, the time will come.

To sum up, the Supreme Being gave me the Grace to have you by my side for four years and I am grateful to life for that great opportunity.  I love you a lot and forever, and no matter what happens, I will be by your side be it in this or another dimension, as much in the present as in the future.  The future is yours; I know you will reach the purpose for which you were born.   Cheer up.  Walk firmly… directly towards the finish line.  I will be waiting for you there.

Your life will be beautiful, I can tell.  But it will also be filled with obstacles, challenges and trials.  Many of those obstacles we will place ourselves across your path, those of us in charge of your spiritual development, with the purpose of you having  the opportunity to surpass them and by doing that, you will grow, mature, and will rise above all the misfortunes of life.  You will be well protected, but nonetheless develop your subtle abilities of discerning when you need to think with your heart and when to think with your brain.  Don’t be afraid, as you grow, your intuition will be stronger and purer and your steps will be firm and secure.  Trust in yourself and the world will surrender at your feet.

Maybe in a little while you will no longer remember me, but there are imprints of me deep in your unconscious that will never be erased, just as you have left imprints of you in me that will never be erased either.  We’re one, you know… near or far, we are one, an indivisible one, unique and absolute… and separation is impossible.

My girl (I call you as such, because no matter your age, you will always be my girl), parents think the children they engender belong to them and they can do onto them as they please, but that’s not true.  Children belong to life; they belong to the universe and in essence to the Supreme Being.  Parents are merely an instrument through which children are born.   They are only channels by which children are brought into this world.  Just that.  But you, my lovely, you are my spiritual daughter even if other parents engendered you, even if your material parents hurt or refuse to accept it.  Because of that, since you were born you demonstrated a great affinity towards me and such a deep love capable of stirring up jealousy and envy in some.  You recognized me since you were born and I recognized you even before you were born.  I can’t understand why human beings choose to complicate things so much.  Happiness is only found in the simplest things in life.

The modern world is a world without love.  And because it doesn’t know love, it also doesn’t know peace.  That’s why I wish this love you and I have lived will light up the flame of love asleep within each human being, so parents learn to value the blessings they’ve received by becoming parents and for them to love their children wholeheartedly; and for children to love and respect their parents without reservations and with all their soul, just as we have loved each other.   I am certain this letter will shatter barriers, will unite hearts and will awaken even the most hidden love in the heart of humanity, giving fruit throughout the universe for all centuries to come.

Pure love does exists, Live it!!!

Distance is just like the wind: it puts out the small flame, but enlivens the large one.


With divine love,

Luis F. Rivera, MD
PO Box 416659
Miami Beach  FL  33141

If you wish for me to be reunited once again with Samadhi, please forward this letter to the 5 people you love the most.  Thanks a lot.


5 Responses to “A Love Letter – An Open Letter to Samadhi”

  1. panos February 15, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    it is a beautiful letter but the last sentence seems ‘tacked on’.

    also, if you know Samadhi personally why haven’t you passed on the letter yourself?

    • karmafreecooking February 16, 2010 at 11:19 am #

      I know Samadhi and her parents… but I am not in contact with them anymore. They moved and left no phone/addresses to contact them.

      • Margarita Santiago March 3, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

        I’m so shocked! I don’t understand what happened. I also had the opportunity to meet Samadhi and her parents. Whatever happened for whatever reasons, I can’t believe it. Its unbelievable. Thank you so much for sharing that, I have not contacted people from the center is soooo long and this is the first thing I heard of it! I re-found your website by looking for a recipe for Provencal rice. What a surprise.

  2. Tammy McLeod February 23, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    I think it was lovely of you to share this on your blog.

  3. CJ McD February 24, 2010 at 11:10 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your bliss.

    Knocked my socks off.


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