Healthy Lifestyle Change for NOVEMBER – Do not buy any frozen meals or that have been cooked a long time ago.

1 Nov

 For exactly the same reason why you should not be drinking sodas anymore, frozen prepared meals have little to no nutritional value.  These meals, even thou they seem to be a real advancement in modern technology, in reality they’re a step backwards in terms of health and nutrition.


 Frozen meals – a la Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and all the like – are meals that were cooked at very high temperatures really long time ago.  These two elements make their nutritional value close to null.  They’re basically hay that fills up your stomach, but doesn’t really nourish you.  If you read the labels closely, you’ll see they’re laden with artificial preservatives and sodium that only makes you retain water and affects your blood pressure and the way the heart functions.

Remember that this new lifestyle program is geared to getting used to eating foods that are healthier for us and will help us lead a healthier life.

But don’t fret… there are still many frozen things you can still enjoy: 

  • Frozen vegetables – super convenient to use instead of any canned vegetable
  • Frozen Fruits – great for desserts, sorbets and smoothies, and even better if you freeze them yourself
  • Fried Plantains and Tostones – I like the King’s Crown brand and they’re a real help in the kitchen sometimes or you can prepare your own.
  • bread Eggplant Milanese  and freeze it to be able to enjoy them anytime I am hungry…
  • Frozen Breads – excellent when you’re in need to a sub fix…
  • Ice creams and Sherbets – but always eat these in moderation… 


Here are a few recipes of dishes made with frozen ingredients that are as easy to prepare as placing a Lean Cuisine in the oven, but I guarantee you, they’ll be much more delicious and nutritious:

 Spinach Empanada 4

Spinach Empanada – uses frozen puffed pastry and frozen spinach


Spinach Pinwheels

Spinach Pinwheels – using frozen spinach and puff pastry too…


Empanada Gallega

Galician Empanada – with puff pastry and frozen tuno


Corn and Spinach Lasagna – using frozen corn and spinach


Yucca with Cuban Mojo – I buy frozen yuca, much easier than to peel fresh ones…


Very Berry Sorbet – using frozen fruits…


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