Welcome 2011!!!

3 Jan

Hi my dear friends… I know I’ve been a little quiet lately but it’s been because there were some illness in the family and that has kept me away from writing these last few weeks. But I have kept on piling up the ideas and recipes.

2010 was a great year – full of blessings and challenges. I started 2011 by eating 12 grapes and asking for 1 wish per month. I always ask for a mixture of spiritual/altruistic wishes and a few material ones. I can’t share them yet because if I do, then they will not become reality. I promise to share as they become true…

But now, at the beginning of the year, you always want to get a fresh start on those things you always know you should do and for some reason don’t. So, here are my resolutions for 2011:

Eat more fresh salads

As a vegetarian you would think I already did this, but I get lazy when I am hungry and in a hurry.

Exercise more

Since becoming vegetarian I have maintained a healthy weight. Some might even say I am underweight… but I need to tone up more. I want to be stronger physically and exercise will do that. A combination of power walking, P90X and Hatha Yoga are in store for me.

Continue to eat fresh fruits for breakfast

This was a resolution of a few years back, but I kind of slacked a little lately. I promise to maintain this habit in a more consistent basis in 2011.


What are your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions?? Please share…

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