Santa and the 3 Wise Men love to watch Infomercials!!!

7 Jan

Here in Puerto Rico we celebrate the best and longest Xmas Season in the world… We start right after Thanksgiving and finish right about the middle of January with the Fiestas de San Sebastián. So we have a few more weeks left to continue the celebrations and parties…

That’s why our kids receive gifts twice during the Xmas season – first comes Santa Claus on December 25 and then, the 3 Wise Men, or Los Reyes Magos, as we call them in Spanish, visit us bringing extra gifts on January 6. Kids leave grass inside shoe boxes for the camels or horses to feed along their route delivering gifts. For our kids, school doesn’t start again until after the 3 Kings have visited.

This year, apparently I’ve been a good girl cook… because Santa and the 3 Kings brought me kitchen gadgets. But not any ol’ kitchen gadgets – they brought me The Magic Bullet and the Xpress Ready, Set, Go. I swear I did not ask for these by name… however I am certainly super excited to receive them both.

Have you seen the infomercials??? They both offer 1001 ways to cook in less than 3 minutes… The Xpress Ready, Set, Go came without the insert pans. My mom got those in her kit. God bless the “call now and get a second one absolutely free” offers. The Magic Bullet came with the whole shebang – 2 cups, a blender attachment, a juicer attachment, 2 blades and 4 mugs that can double as storage containers.

Now, I want to record the infomercials on TiVo so I can see the demos of the recipes one more time now that I have the gadgets. In the next few weeks I’ll be test driving these beauties and sharing with you some of their wondrous advantages… cool?

Do any of you have any of these appliances?? Care to share some of your vegetarian quick recipes??


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