Mexican Dinner @ Devanand Yoga Center

8 Mar

At the Yoga Center, they’re organizing one Saturday a month an International Dinner… I would like to say partly inspired by me, because my mom was who gave the idea. I am always telling her how fun it is to showcase how to make Italian food, French Food, Middle Eastern Food, Greek Food – all 100% VEGETARIAN.

The Devanand GUYS started it all last weekend – Manolo, Gabriel, Joel, Gerardo and Carlos – all part of an all-guys cooking team. They decided they would take on MEXICAN FOOD as the International starting point. They planned the menu, the cooked all the food. They even washed the dishes afterwards… Ladies – some of these are great “catches”. Some of them are already taken… 🙂

The menu went as follows:

Always a green salad with a delicious dressing to start and Nachos with cheese to complement the appetizer lineup…


Burritos filled with a mashed potato, broccoli, carrot and black bean filling on a whole wheat tortilla…

Quesadillas filled with cheese, corn, tomatoes, peppers and black beans… and because they were made in whole wheat tortillas, we now know these were actually sincronizadas. Right??

Corn tortilla tacos filled with textured soy protein and topped with shredded lettuce…

Whole Grain Brown Mexican Rice made with tomatoes, onions, cumin and jalapeño peppers, which do not make regular appearances at the Devanand kitchen…

Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and Sliced Black Olives to top the tacos…

The menu was rounded up with delicious and moist vanilla cake with a Guava Glaze and Shredded Coconut on top… made by Manolo, our resident baker, and sweet guava and star fruit natural juice.

We enjoyed the dinner very much… I actually had quesadillas and I made myself my own taco filled with the mashed potato filling on a corn tortilla topped with pico de gallo and guacamole. It was just what my taste buds wanted. Marla got great points by inviting about 10 new people to our center. She gets great THANKS from the whole team.


Hope this gets you excited to visit the Yoga Center for the next International Dinner night… especially if you live here in Puerto Rico. I’ll certainly keep you posted via FaceBook. OK??

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