Buenos Aires Vegetarian Restaurants – Spring

23 May

Adriana, our tour guide in Buenos Aires, was full of suggestions on where to eat vegetarian in the city.

One of her suggestions was SPRING… a vegetarian restaurant with the perfect format for a Devanand vegetarian – TENEDOR LIBRE. “Tenedor Libre” is the Argentinean terminology for “all-you-can-eat”. I am not a volume eater, but my travel companions certainly were.

We went to Spring one day just because it was the closest option to our hotel. A short 6-8 blocks only… we were not prepared to what we were going to find there.

Spring is a buffet-style restaurant with a prix-fixe for lunch and dinner. Eat as much as you want at the restaurant and pay the same low price. Drinks are extra… This was just what the Devanand guys needed. You could pick from a wide variety of dishes. I think we counted over 50 options, among them – a great salad bar with greens, raw veggies, cooked veggies, prepared salads, cheeses, sushi, pastas, pizzas, casseroles, potato dishes, tofu dishes, rice and fritters. It was at times overwhelming; especially when the lunch rush traffic is right behind you in a hurry.

Here is a sample of my favorite combination – large salad, scalloped potatoes, and gnocchi with a creamy tomato basil sauce. The brown fried rice, the French fries and the cooked broccoli were also huge favorites among the group. I got to order once a non-alcoholic wine, which was very much like a bottled grape juice. And we would all finish with a lemon sorbet… creamy and refreshing all at the same time.

I personally ate at Spring 4 times – I was in Buenos Aires for 7 days, so that’s a nice average, no??? But I happen to know people who went to Spring for both lunch AND dinner a few days in a row. Yes… the food is that good. And the value of the “tenedor libre” is undisputed. We would make Spring our meeting point if we ever got separated in our sightseeing or shopping trips.

If you’re a vegetarian traveling in Buenos Aires, YOU MUST visit Spring Restaurant. You will never regret it. We all need to thank Adriana for the tip. This makes me guilty we should’ve left her an even bigger tip!!!

Have you been to Spring in Buenos Aires too?? What was your favorite dish there??? Have any other vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires for us to try next??

Spring Restaurant


One Response to “Buenos Aires Vegetarian Restaurants – Spring”

  1. Coco Cooks May 24, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    Very nice concept and presentation. Lots of offerings.

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