Food… your most powerful medicine

7 Aug



Sometimes, we give so little thought to what we eat…  most people just think of the taste and the immediate gratification, with very little consideration of the impact of what they put in their mouth has on their immediate, mid and long-term health.

It is not a right of passage to be sickly when we get older!!  To grow older should be a sign of accumulated wisdom, experiences, freedom…  instead people become a repository of ailments, sickness and limited mobility.  We’re so lucky our physical bodies are so resilient despite the poor fuel we give it.

People have come to believe that arthritis, inflammation, gout, heart diseases, diabetes… all are diseases you acquire due to age.  Older people get these ailments because it’s the way it is.  But people don’t stop and consider how all the “gustitos” or “little sins” – all the white bread, candy, refined sugars, meat, fatty foods, fast foods, artificial colorants, etc. – played a role in their current state of health.

Make a conscious decision to put more thought and be more mindful of what you eat every day.  Consider how your food will either contribute to your health or your lack of it in years to come.  Start choosing everyday to eat and fuel your body as if you will last 120 years.  I am one that wants to last 120 years… but I want to be an active, productive and independent 120 year old some day.  It can be done…  that’s what our physical bodies are designed to endure.  It all depends on how well we take care of ourselves…



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