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Canada welcomes Vegetarians – Boston Pizza

21 May

Back in February, I was supposed to go to my usual skiing trip to Vermont. We were looking so much for it for months… thinking what we would do, what we would buy, what we would EAT during our trip.

Unfortunately, snowy winter weather was not on our side. Without sufficient snow in the mountains of Vermont, we had a decision to make – do we cancel our travels or do we go somewhere else?? We decided we would visit Quebec and Montreal instead. We love adventure, we love travel… and Madelyn loves to speak French too!!! Mais oui!!!

After arriving at the Burlington Airport, we directed ourselves towards Quebec City. Our first stop after crossing the border was a very Canadian place… BOSTON PIZZA?!?!? Ey??

Apparently is a Canadian chain of casual dining restaurants and we say so many of them in route that we just had to try… and they were the safest option for this vegetarian gal too. I was super pleased I was ordering in French and translating to everyone what the waitress said. I was in CANADA!!!!!

I ordered the Artichoke Goat Cheese Dip with Pizza crisps. It was DIVINE!!! I had to order extra pizza crisps to finish it off. Of course, to accompany a dinner of cheese and artichokes, a green side salad would only be right.

If you live around Canada or visit Canada in the near future… the Artichoke Goat Cheese Dip get a 2 thumbs up from KarmaFree Cooking. Give it a try!!!

Have you had it already??? Tell me what you thought about it…

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