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Roberta’s Pizza and my debut on Online Radio…

16 Nov

Almost every October I visit NYC to participate in the Anniversary celebrations of our USA Devanand Yoga Center in Queens, NYC. I think we’ve been doing it for the last 5-6 years…

This time around I stayed a few days longer to take care of some other business – KarmaFree Cooking business to be exact. I was invited by Nicole Taylor, hostess of the online radio show Hot Grease to be part of her Halloween Day show. Hot Grease airs LIVE every Monday at 3:30PM Eastern Time.


I was honored that Nicole was interested in a vegetarian topic… what would she be interested in talking about??? Well we spoke for about 15 minutes – a lot in radio time – on Puerto Rican Halloween traditions, what makes candy vegetarian, some of the candy ideas and recipes we have here on KarmaFree Cooking and a few other random Halloween things.

The Heritage Radio Station is located behind Roberta’s Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. You need to go inside de restaurant, across the dining room, outside into the indoor patio (if that makes any sense…) and out there, within 2 recycled shipping containers there is a radio station!!!!

I was accompanied that day by Luscious Lifestyle Diva Yolanda Shoshana a.k.a. “ShoShi” talking about how to make Halloween a tad sexier. It was definitely an educational experience for me… Here we all are waiting for the broadcast to start.

Here you can find a link to the radio Interview if you would like to listen over and over again… at least you can now put a voice to my writing, no???

Afterwards, like any respectable food oriented radio show housed within the premises of a restaurant, we were invited for a few slices of pizza. Actually, it was more like a pizza for every 2 people. My mom and I shared this Pizza Margherita… we kind of broke the rules a bit because this was made with white refined flour, but it was delicious!!!!! And it would seem rude to say no after Nicole had been so gracious to us.

I hope Nicole was happy with our participation on her show… we sure enjoyed ourselves. It reminded me of my days of being a spokesperson on personal care brands a few moons back. But different, because this time around I was talking about myself and our lifestyle, which is super cool. We are definitely open to the possibility of traveling again to NYC if she would like for us to visit her once again.

Hey, that pizza margherita at the end sure is worth it!!!

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