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Home Remedies – Chamomile and Linden Tea to help you sleep

30 Apr

There used to be a time when I had difficulty falling asleep. Me, the person that all she needs to fall asleep is  to be sleepy. I was so stressed out, so unhappy about my work and living situation that at night I was not able to close my eyes at all. And that brought other issues… I would fall asleep so late at night, that in the mornings I would not want to wake up at the time I needed. It was a very tough time for me…

But I learned about using herbal remedies to help my situation. I started making a ritual every night to “program my brain” to get into sleepy mode. And part of that ritual was to drink a hot mug of chamomile and linden teas with honey before going to bed.

Chamomile and linden, both, have calming properties. They help you ease the tensions and promote deep, healthy sleeping.

Who told me about this?? Not sure… but I am sure it works. I once gave my friend Ana a mug of chamomile/linden tea before a big meeting we had. She was super stressed and needed to calm down to be able to deliver the presentationbetter. After drinking it, she told me she felt so relaxed, she couldn’t even get up from her chair during the meeting.

Have you tried drinking chamomile or linden teas before?? What has been your experience?? Any other natural remedies to help your sleep?? Please share it with us all…

Home Remedies – Pure Lime Juice to stop Nausea and Vomiting

23 Apr

Sorry that we’re talking about these unsightly symptoms… but if we like to eat, sometimes, unfortunately we’ll eat something that does not agrees with us. It’s life…

I have found that drinking the pure juice of 1-2 limes when I have nausea helps ease the stomach in such a way that it settles in a little while. This is partly the reason why I always like to have limes and lemons in my kitchen.

Lemons and limes are acidic in the outside world… but when ingested, they alkalinize the blood and eases any upset stomach symptom. I am no scientist, but I have used this remedy many more times than I would like to admit. And it works. I squeeze the juice out of the fruit and drink it like a shot – all at once.

Lime juice is also good to stop diarrhea. If by any chance you have “the runs” and they won’t stop… try drinking a shot of lime juice to see if you feel better. I have a friend that took a colon cleansing tea… and afterwards she would not stop going to the bathroom. She was getting worried and drank some lime juice and “the runs” stopped. It’s an amazing remedy…

Hope you never have to use it. But if you do, now you know a natural way, right??

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