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Who will you make peace with today??

20 Sep

On September 21 we celebrate International Peace Day… a movement that started way back in 1981 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted unanimously a day to “devote a specific time to concentrate efforts… to promoting the ideals of peace and to giving positive evidence of their commitment to peace in all viable ways.”

With the efforts of Jeremy Gilley, an actor turned filmmaker, a non-profit organization was formed in 1999 – Peace One Day, establishing an annual day of cease-fire and non-violence. And with their help, September 21 was officially declared as THE annual date to celebrate and encourage peace.


Enough with the history lessons… I am drawn to this effort because in my yoga practice we are taught that world peace is achieved when you can find peace inside yourself. That’s the main teaching of my Guru, Swami Guru Devanand. We are the architects of our life, our circumstances and environment. When we work individually with ourselves, we are acknowledging our responsibility towards the peace that surrounds us… or not.

Swami Guru Devanand 1

I wish there was more press and awareness towards this movement… so I am using this platform to encourage you all to promote peace and seek to make peace with something or someone.

There is a world movement with many celebrities joining in the effort… Jude Law, Michael Caine, Natasha Bedingfield, Gael García Bernal, Miguel Bosé, among many others are raising awareness of the importance of living in a more peaceful world.

Jude-Law-film-image - Copy


Gabriel Garcia Bernal

Below you’ll find a link to a YouTube live broadcast of events celebrated around the world…


If you live in Puerto Rico, there will be a Mediation for Peace at El Morro starting at 5PM, Saturday 21.

Meditacion por Paz en el Morro

I fully support all efforts to promote peace in our communities and around the world. Many feel discouraged on a daily basis, thinking there is nothing for them to do to make things better. I invite you all to discover the power of mediation and the power of positive thinking. I firmly believe that when we make a conscious effort to start concentrating on the positive that surrounds us and to focus on possibilities instead of limitations, the world around us will start to improve.

Peace is within your grasp!!!  You can make a change!!!

Please join in the Peace Day movement and help us spread the word… let’s promote what we want instead of bashing what we don’t.

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