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Mystery Fruit Solved!!! – Longan Fruits

24 Oct

Thanks you guys!!!  I really appreciate your help in helping me identifying these awesome little fruits are called LONGAN FRUITS.   Here’s my original post with some revisions made to it…


When I was in NYC recently, a friend from our Yoga Center in Queens brought us a bunch of these mysterious fruits for us to try.   She mentioned the name, but after a little while, no one could remember it.   While we were there, she never came back, so we never were able to ask her again the name of the fruit.

I remember eating this fruit for the first time during a trip to China in 2001, in Suzhou.  My mom was brave enough to buy them off the street and eat them first without knowing what they were.   This was very fitting, now knowing they’re originally from Southern China… 

These LONGAN fruits are sweet.  They have a “crispy” skin you crack with your teeth, milky translucent flesh with a big dark seed in the middle. They resemble a lychee or a quenepa (lemon fruit, as they are known in English), but we know as a fact they’re not either. 


I’ve tried to identify it using internet sources, but because I do not know its name or country of origin, I can’t locate it.

Can you help me identify this fruit??

Thanks to the help of you guys, now we know these are Longans.  They are not available here in Puerto Rico, but I am sure you can get them in NYC, most probably in Asian markets.  IF and WHEN you see them, do not be afraid and give them a try.  They’re super sweet and very delicious.

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