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Do you know where canola oil comes from?

20 May

When you drive across many parts of China you’ll see fields covered with little yellow flowers. Super pretty… you see them in almost every little patch of empty land available. Also, in India you see very similar landscapes… amongst the dry patches of lands there’s also fields covered with these pretty yellow flowers.

Most people believe they’re wildflowers… but in reality, they’re cultivated, not wild at all.  It’s the rapeseed plant. Not a very pretty name, but it’s the same plant where they get canola oil from.

Canola Oil Collage

The seeds look like very large mustard seeds… maybe because they’re related. But canola got its name because Canadians bred a new type of rapeseed plant that would yield oil lower in a component that was deemed toxic for humans.

So if you travel and see fields of pretty yellow flowers like these… be the smart one and tell everyone these are the plants where canola oil comes from.


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