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Oscars-Inspired Party…

25 Feb

I love movies, but I have been a bit behind in my movie viewing lately… This Sunday is the Academy Awards and I have only seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture – Toy Story 3. Isn’t that awful!!!

Even though I have not seen the movies, I still love to watch the red carpet and the ceremony. I have a friend who religiously celebrates an Oscar watching party every year… So if you’re also into watching the Oscars and would like to nibble something inspired by this year’s nominees, here are a few ideas from the Karma Free Cooking repertoire:

Black Swan

Spinach Pinwheels to emulate the ballerina pirouettes…



Leonardo Di Caprio’s character takes ideas from people’s subconscious… and with these Better-than- Maggiano’s Stuffed Mushrooms I have taken a recipe idea from a restaurant’s menu and made it truly vegetarian.


The Kids are All-Right

A modern family with an alternative lifestyle… just like these Eggless Frittatas, a delicious alternative that does not need to contain eggs to be enjoyed by everyone.


127 Hours

A movie about a hiker’s struggle for 127 hours… and these Rosemary Almonds are the closest thing to a trail mix.


The King’s Speech

Tuno Antipasto served over Tostones is my answer to the traditional English staple “fish and chips”…


The Social Network

When I think of Silicon Valley and technology I think of SanFranciso, where I had the most wonderful avocado sandwich @ Boudin on Fisherman’s Wharf. Here is my version of an Avocado Tomato Sandwich


Toy Story 3

This is a tried and tre favorite for kids… just like my Veggie Party Sandwiches. They’re the most loved by my nieces…


True Grit

A tale set in the Wild West and my BBQ Roasted Potatoes fit that smoky flavor of the outdoors.


Winter’s Bone

I don’t even think I have seen this movie at the local movie theaters… but inspired by the title, let’s celebrate it with a Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Strawberry Sauce.


The Fighter

It was hard to select a recipe to go with The Fighter… but I decided to HONOR my work-horse recipe. The recipe that is my “sure thing” – it’s an appetizer, it’s a sauce, it’s a condiment – my Tomato Basil Bruschetta mix, which has new life when served over pasta as my Marinated Tomatoes Pasta.


Hope you enjoy the Academy Awards celebration this weekend… and may your favorite movies win.

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