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Flat Out Flat Bread

26 Jul

Every time I find a great product I want to share it all with you…  This is the case with these Flat Out Flatbreads.  I saw them for the first time at Costco and even though I am not a fan of wraps, I liked the fact they were made with whole grains – 100% stone-ground whole wheat and flax seed.  So I decided to try them out.

These are FANTASTIC!!!  I use them as a quick and easy crust for pizzas all the time.  They are ready to go anytime and taste delicious.  I have made my Simpler Popeye Pizza on them… my Pizza Rosa…  regular tomato, cheese and basil pizza on them… and even a Hawaiian Pizza, as you can see right here.



I have only seen them at Costco in Puerto Rico, but I have seen them in Florida at Winn Dixies, etc.  So I am confident you’ll be able to find them in your local supermarket too.

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