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Vegetarian Super Bowl Ideas…

5 Feb

I am not a football fan, but I certainly am a TV commercial and snacking fan…

I usually get invited to a Super Bowl party every year where I just chat and eat and watch all the multi-million TV commercials aired for the first time at Super Bowl. Everybody will be talking about them on Monday and I do not want to miss in the discussion.

This year a friend from grad school is visiting Puerto Rico and I am inviting her and her husband to WATCH COMMERCIALS and eat some Puerto Rican snacking. No football will be discussed… OK, Dan??

Here are some of the snacks I am planning to make:

Sorullitos de Maiz with MayoKetchup






Malanga Chips and Plantain Chips to dunk in Onion Dip and Green Olivata



And we need to balance out all these fried fiesta food with a nice salad… how about a Arugula Salad. Not very Puerto Rican, but it works.




But if you prefer more TexMex flavors with your football fix, try these alternatives too:

Cielito Lindo

Quesadillas with Fresh Tomato Salsa




Mexican Lasagna


Tortilla Soup  –  I find this is nicer than any ol’ chili…

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