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Candy for Vegetarian Kids and Adults Alike

31 Oct

It’s Halloween… and vegetarian parents trying to teach a vegetarian lifestyle to their kids sometimes worry…  worry  their kids might feel they might be missing out  or that they’ll be tempted or lured by candy they should not be eating.  Or maybe you’re an adult that misses the flavor of certain candy you now know it’s not agreeable with your veggie lifestyle.  What to do?

There’s plenty of candy suitable for vegetarians  – candy without chocolate, without gelatin, without refined sugars or artificial flavorings and colorants.  Let me give you a few ideas of my favorite ones:

Carob Bars

I get these bars every time we travel to NYC.  You can get them in many health food stores.  They’re made from carob, a caffeine free substitute for chocolate.  Their taste resembles bittersweet dark chocolate because of their slightly bitter aftertaste.  Unfortunately, these bars are not available in Puerto Rico or in many Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. 


Gummy Bears  




I’ve talked to you before about these Gummy Bears…  if you like fruity candy, these Surf Sweets are a good substitute for the Skittles and Starburst.  The bag is small, so it fits in any decent purse when going to the movies.  I particularly like the Fruity Bears because they have a sugary coating on top of the gumminess…

Vegan Marshmallows

Now that the holidays are approaching you might more interesting in knowing there are vegan marshmallows available – without egg whites or gelatin.    Combine them with the carob bars and a whole wheat graham cracker and you have a great vegetarian smore’s.  You can also use them to top a sweet potato dish on Thanksgiving.  Also, you can use them to make the infamous rice krispies treats we all love so much… 

Sesame Seed Candy


I loved these little candies since I was a little girl.  My grandpa taught me to eat them all the time.  They’re small, sweet and great for a little sweet thing after a meal.   I used to have a bag of these at my office desk.  Sesame seed candy (dulce de ajonjolí) is very traditional in Puerto Rico, but this version is nicer.  I do not know if it’s they have more honey or if the seeds are not as roasted as the local versions, but I like them best.  Your back molars might get a little sticky, but hey,  it’s worth it.

Make your own – Rice Krispies Treats


If you’re into rice krispies treats, here I show you a way to make them without the traditional marshmallows.  I guess that if you got the vegan marshmallows above, you could adapt your favorite traditional recipe too. 

Make your own – Candied Nuts

 p1030085.jpg          roasted-pears.jpg

I love nuts… and I love to buy those warm candied nuts from the carts.  I almost always buy a bag or two whenever I go to a Broadway show.  If you’re at home, you can make a much healthier version using non-refined sweetener like maple sugar and maple syrup.  Here’s my recipe for making praline nuts – I have made them with almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts… 


Halloween is a holiday to be enjoyed by all – vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.  If you’re trying to keep true to your vegetarian lifestyle seek out these alternatives and you can be all into the holiday too.

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