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Water… Drink it!!!!

28 Aug

Home Remedies – Water for Headaches

4 Jan

It’s been over 14 years since I’ve taken any analgesics to take care of a headache.

When I started to attend our Yoga Center, I learned, or developed an awareness, of how many side effects chemical medicines have. They “cure” one thing, but damage 10 others.

So for many years now I have subscribed to the idea of using natural remedies as much as possible to treat the cause of my illness or discomfort versus just tending to the symptom. Most traditional medicine today is more concerned about treating the symptom that reaching to the root of the problem.

Let’s take headaches for example… I bet many of you pop up a few Tylenols or Advils anytime you feel a headache coming in. I’m not talking about migraines or anything more severe. I am talking about common everyday headache, possibly at 4PM, after a tough meeting or during the traffic jam while you’re trying to reach home.

I have experienced that most of the headaches I experienced where mainly due to DEHYDRATION. The water I was taking with the Tylenol, not the pills themselves, were the solution to what I was having. Just drinking a few glasses of water whenever you might feel you’re coming on with a headache might save you from taking many, many pills over the course of your lifetime.

Try it… and if it works, just try to avoid the headache all together by drinking more water every day.

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