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My Favorite Whisk

11 Jan

My favorite whisk I got in London…

But I didn’t even buy it. It was a gift included when I bought a cooking magazine with Jamie Oliver on the cover. Jame Oliver was incentive enough to buy the magazine (he’s sooooooo cute!!!!), but the whisk was a nice add-on. I was at Heathrow Airport during a lay-over, everything is super expensive there, so it’s nice to get stuff for “free” whenever we can… no?


I was unsure on how this new contraption would work… because to my knowledge then, all whisks were balloon-like. But to my surprise, this whisk format is super easy to use, super efficient and does not take up a lot of space in my utensil drawer.

Even more, my whisk was further validated when I saw Nigella Lawson use it several times in her TV shows. Apparently, this is the whisk of choice in the UK… and now it’s also MY whisk of choice.

Maybe it can become yours too… and start a whisk revolution, don’t you think?

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