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KarmaFree Cooking’s 1st Cooking Class

2 Dec

By popular demand!!!!

KarmaFree Cooking will offer its 1st ever official cooking class, this coming Saturday, December 7 at the Centro Cultural Yoga Devanand in Caparra Terrace, Puerto Rico.


Together with my friend Angie, I will be offering the class featuring a traditional Xmas menu classics with a vegetarian twist.  The holidays need not be celebrated by harming anyone or anything…


Our class menu will consist of:

  • Arroz con Gandules / Rice with Pigeon Peas
  • Pastelón de Yuca Cruda / Raw Yuca Pastelón – It’s the flavors of a pastel, but in a much easy to make format
  • Green Salad with Delicious Dressing that will have everyone craving more raw foods…
  • Frituras de Yautía / Yautía Fritters – it’s like an alcapurria, without the filling
  • Tembleque – the holidays easiest dessert, and vegan to boot!!
  • Rosemary Almonds – Perfect for a snack for yourself or to give away!


Course will be given in SPANISH.  But if someone interested has limited Spanish knowledge, please let us know and we could make arrangements for those interested.

This is a practical course, you will get your hands dirty and cook alongside me and Angie.  Please bring an apron, pen and paper to take notes.  You’ll leave with a copy of the recipes so you can replicate them with confidence at home.


When: Saturday, December 7, 2013

Where: Centro Cultural Yoga Devanand, Caparra Terrace, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Contribution: $35


Limited seating for up to 15 students…  so please click on the link and reserve your space today.  You can call 787-273-0236 for more information.  Or email me at karmafreecooking{at}yahoo{dot}com.

Te esperamos…

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