Maoz Falafel

22 Nov

While staying with my sister in Southern Florida recently I did most of the cooking for about 7-8 people on almost a daily basis…  It was fun.  It gave me the opportunity to try out a bunch of new recipes and to showcase to a new audience a few old favorites.

But every once in while we needed to BREAK AWAY!!!!!  Borrow the car and go out into the sunshine and go some credit card damage…  That’s what brought us to the Mall at Boca Raton and Maoz Falafel.

I have seen and eaten Maoz Falafels before – eaten it in Madrid during my last visit and seen them in NYC.  But I have never seen them in Florida.  It was a VERY WELCOME surprise to go to the Food Court and see Maoz as an alternative for our lunch hunger.  I learned today Maoz is a Dutch chain…

They serve $5 falafel sandwiches that you can fill with a variety of toppingsthey have.  I went for the traditional vegetable salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions in a light lemony dressing and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.  Then drizzled with copious amounts of yogurt sauce to cool off the falafel’s cumin taste – which to me can be a bit overwhelming.



Maoz has a guy in front of their storefront serving sample pieces of their falafels for everyone to try… I do not know if it’s the samples or the growing vegetarian community in Boca, but Maoz had a long line consistently during the time we were at the Food Court.  Something the traditional fast food giants could not brag about that afternoon…

I am glad to say Maoz is expanding their operations in the US… and if you have a chance to see a Maoz store in your town or in your near future travels, give them a try.  They’re delicious!!


One Response to “Maoz Falafel”

  1. janemaynard November 24, 2010 at 12:31 am #

    I walked 5 blocks in stifling heat this summer in NYC to eat at this place…and it had been open that morning, but closed when I got there b/c of a fire…was so bummed! will have to be sure to get there again sometime! 🙂

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