Cook with your Kids – An Afternoon of Crepes

2 Feb

My two little nieces, Mariana and Natalia, are taking already French classes in school. I am sooooo excited that in a short time we’ll be able to speak in French in front of their parents without them knowing what we’re saying about them.  I do need to step up my game, because it may happen that they will end up speaking better French than I…

For their birthdays, I try to give them EXPERIENCES… these are girls so fully blessed, that they do not need another toy or dress or bracelet from Titi Madelyn. So for one of their last birthdays I offered them an afternoon of French Crepes. In my mind we would’ve been listening to some French music… instead we listened to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, but I guess them having a good time works best for me than just having some random French background music.

This is my THEORY…

That if you offer kids new food in an exciting package, they will eat it regardless of how picky they are.

Natalia is a great eater… she eats almost anything. But Mariana is a whole different story… She is super picky and I need to create stories around the food we’re eating to get her to at least try it. That’s how Shrek’s Spaghetti, Veggie Sandwiches, Asparagus Sandwiches, Plain and Easy Fettucini Alfredo have come to be.

Well this time around was CREPES… I offered several alternatives – cheese, veggie ham, spinach, tomatoes, avocados… The winning combinations were:

Organic Mozzarella Cheese + Veggie Ham


Organic Mozzarella + Cream Cheese + Goat Cheese + Veggie Ham with Walnuts and a Drizzle of Honey on Top

What I was most surprised about is they LOVED the Veggie Ham. Mariana ate 2 full crepes and several servings of plain veggie ham. She asked what it was made of and still ate it with wild abandon. They asked for seconds, and even Natalia ate 2 plain crepes stuffed with just warmed veggie ham to eat with her hands, just like the French eat them in the streets of Paris.

And we couldn’t leave out some crepes for Dessert

Cajeta + Raspberries

Nutella + Banana

(sorry, pictures to come later on…)


Make a thin, thin pancake, and kids will eat whatever you put inside it.

My next attempt, have Mariana to eat a Spinach-filled Crepe… Will I succeed???

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