Vegetarian Edible Xmas Gift Ideas

15 Dec

I love giving edible gifts, not just for Xmas, but year-round. I like the idea of giving something of yourself to someone you appreciate and love. Making something is like giving a little piece of you. You took the time and effort to make something – something that’s unique and it’s worth way more than the sticker value.

I like the idea of giving “consumables” as gifts… things you use and experience, rather than accumulate. Baking cookies, making jam, creating your own soap… concert tickets, dinner at a restaurant, an afternoon of cooking or even a night under the stars. I have made a conscious effort to get creative and give “experiences” as gifts for many years now. And food is certainly something we experience with all our senses.

I have given all these as gifts at one point or another recently. Here are a few of my best ideas…

Coquito – I already made 2 batches of this Puerto Rican version of eggnog this Xmas season and I think I am in to make some more tonight to give as gifts to my yoga friends. The spice in the tea I mix in has all the pep you need to not miss the alcohol at all. It’s the perfect thing to bring to a party and share with friends…


Cranberry Jam – This is so easy to make… and you can store it and give it away in pretty glass mason jars. I also recycle many of the glass bottles where the jams and butters I buy come from and re-purpose them when I make batches and batches of this. My gringo friends love this jam… I hope they post a Comment to confirm this fact.

Rosemary Almonds – These are salty/sweet and oh so delicious!!! Lots of brown sugar and butter goes into making them. They keep for awhile and are super easy to make. They’re inspired by the Union Square Market nuts… you could also use Tarragon if you’re into the licorice flavors.

Carob Granola – using Carob instead of chocolate chips, this makes a great vegetarian snack to nibble on while going on a “parranda”.


Brown Rice Krispies Treats – These are made with brown rice puffed cereal and almond butter to make them vegetarian. Marshmallows are not very veggie-friendly…


Cherry Carob Cookies – I love making these cookies for the holidays… They started as a Martha Stewart recipe I adapted to avoid the egg and the chocolate. With a few substitutions they’re now vegetarian and as delicious as I remembered them originally.


Carrot Cupcakes – these are soooooo easy to make. And to me carrot cake goes well year round. I have made these for sell and they’re always a great hit. A few carrot cupcakes in a glassine bag will always be a welcome gift.

Hazelnut Praline – This is like making your own candy. It’s delicious as a nibble or snack… and provide the best crunch to any poached fruit dessert. You could make this with any nut, I also enjoy almonds a lot in this application.


One Response to “Vegetarian Edible Xmas Gift Ideas”

  1. Bren @ Flanboyant Eats™ December 15, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    i haven’t made any coquito this year yet, but as I read your post, I was sipping on some home made eggnog! Que rico! I love it! Edible Christmas gifts are sometimes the best. The giver took some time to think and make! Love it.

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