The Shape of Foods Help our Organs?? – FIGS

30 May

This is part of a series on how our food can help certain organs that resemble their same shape. I already shared with you how the following foods benefit these organs:

Carrots – Eyes

Tomatoes – Heart

Grapes – Heart

Walnuts – Brain

Celery, Rhubarn, Bok Choy – Bones

Beans – Kidneys

Sweet Potatoes – Pancreas

Eggplant, Pear and Avocados – women organs and issues

After discussing women issues… the guys can’t be left behind. Apparently, figs resemble the male testicles, therefore they seem to be beneficial in the production of male sperm.

Photo Courtesy of Meeta @

Figs are also very effective at increasing libido in both males and females due to the high levels of amino acids, which play a vital role in normal sexual function. The fig is said to also increase sexual stamina. See? Who needs oysters when we have figs??

On a less sexual note, figs are a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps to control blood pressure. Figs, like other high fiber foods, are also helpful to manage weight and the leaves of the fig have repeatedly been shown to have anti-diabetic properties and can actually reduce the amount of insulin needed by persons with diabetes who require insulin injections. Fig leaves have also been shown to lower levels of triglycerides.

I have discovered using figs in my cooking just recently. Before, my fig intake came from Fig Newton cookies. Now I can also enjoy them in:

Spinach, Figs and Blue Cheese Salad


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