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Açai @ Foz de Iguaçu

29 May

One of the food trends in recent years is Açai… the power fruit of Brazil.

It’s in vogue because if all the nutritional benefits it provides – particularly for their anti-aging and weight-loss properties. The way açai is mostly served in the US is in the form of juice. Sambazon is a well known brand widely available, even here in Puerto Rico.

But açai is eaten in a very different way in Brazil… the berry pulp is provided frozen and served with granola and pieces of banana. I was expecting a fresh fruit plate but I should have expected it because the first time I had açai sorbet in Puerto Rico, I had it served to me exactly like this – with banana and granola. Actually, it was that experience that led me to know La Hogaza granola for the first time too.

Açai fruit with granola and banana is DELICIOUS!!!! It’s tangy, creamy, crunchy… it just makes perfect sense. It was a real pleasure to sit pool side at our hostel and enjoy one of the true and distinct flavors of Brazil.

If you don’t have fresh or frozen açai berries… try the combination with an açai sorbet.

Have you tried açai berries like this before?? Do you enjoy it too??? Tell me all about it…

My crazy vegetarian life…

18 Apr

My apologies for being so quiet lately… but in the last 1o weeks I have been all over.  They say “be careful what you wish for…” and that is most certainly my case here.

In the last 2 months I have been to 7 countries in 2 continents, 2 hemispheres with complete climate differences, been to 2 spiritual retreats and have stamped my passport over 10 times.  Some travel was for leisure, some was for work… but I wanted to be known as a jet-setter and the Universe conspired to make it happen.

I’ve been busy taking pictures, making recipes and thinking of how would you guys also benefit from all these miles traveled.  So bear with me… I thought initially to create posts in chronological order of the places I have visited and what I ate, but I do not know if that will be possible.  But rest assured, I will share all the delicious vegetarian flavors Canada, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and several cities in the United States have to offer.

Let the delicious fun begin!!!!!

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