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La Gran Fruta – Great fruit franchise in Lima, Peru

15 Jul

I love finding hidden gems… and in Lima, Peru I think there is one.

If you love fruits salads, natural juices and smoothies look no further than La Gran Fruta. They are a fruit based establishment that offer great alternatives for vegetarians. It’s not a vegetarian place, but we had some wonderful breakfasts thanks to them.


La Gran Fruta offers various sizes of fruit salads, all accompanied by yogurt, granola and honey.

La Gran Fruta - Fruit Salad

Some of us were more adventurous than others. I ordered the largest salad only because I wanted to try a few new fruits I was not familiar with (and hey, I shared with my mom and a few others who also wanted to try):

  • Granadilla – very similar to a passion fruit in texture, but the taste is sweet and not tart like a passion fruit.
  • Chirimoya – very similar to a soursop but much creamier and sweeter. My friends went bonkers for cherimoyas and were seeking them out everywhere we went.
  • Lúcuma – this fruit is very similar in taste and texture to a mamey or sapote. It’s dense in texture and a tad bit grainy. Makes a wonderful juice but I think it would make an even better milkshake or smoothie.

Lucuma Juice

New fruits to me

In this plate you also see soursop… this one I was familiar with, but this one was super tart… in my opinion, it needed a few extra days to fully ripen.

At La Gran Fruta, they not only make awesome fruit salads and juices… they also have these awesome cookies made with only a few ingredients – oatmeal, sugar and fruit pulp. My favorites were the ones made with passion fruit. Imagine a tart and sweet cookie?? I am telling you it’s something to taste to believe… They also have them with apples, figs, mango, strawberry and a combination of several fruits. These cookies are gluten-free and egg-free… perfectly vegetarian!!!!


Because we went in wintertime, we did not get to try something everyone was recommending – Raspadillas. I am sure this is something very similar to our piraguas, shaved ice doused in pureed fruit pulp. Yum… something definitely to look forward to in the Summer, no?

La Gran Fruta has several locations throughout Lima… check them out if you’re ever in Perú.

Açai @ Foz de Iguaçu

29 May

One of the food trends in recent years is Açai… the power fruit of Brazil.

It’s in vogue because if all the nutritional benefits it provides – particularly for their anti-aging and weight-loss properties. The way açai is mostly served in the US is in the form of juice. Sambazon is a well known brand widely available, even here in Puerto Rico.

But açai is eaten in a very different way in Brazil… the berry pulp is provided frozen and served with granola and pieces of banana. I was expecting a fresh fruit plate but I should have expected it because the first time I had açai sorbet in Puerto Rico, I had it served to me exactly like this – with banana and granola. Actually, it was that experience that led me to know La Hogaza granola for the first time too.

Açai fruit with granola and banana is DELICIOUS!!!! It’s tangy, creamy, crunchy… it just makes perfect sense. It was a real pleasure to sit pool side at our hostel and enjoy one of the true and distinct flavors of Brazil.

If you don’t have fresh or frozen açai berries… try the combination with an açai sorbet.

Have you tried açai berries like this before?? Do you enjoy it too??? Tell me all about it…

Breakfast Granola Parfait

30 Mar

I mentioned recently how I love the combination of fresh fruit, granola and yogurt for breakfast… so the other day I wanted to share it with my mom and friend. But I wanted to make it look pretty. That’s when I had the idea to layer it into a parfait. It would look far prettier than just mixing everything haphazardly in a bowl.



1 cup ricotta
1 cup vanilla yogurt
Squirt of honey
2 cups fresh strawberries, quartered
1 tbs brown sugar
2 cups granola
  1. In a bowl, mix the cut berries and mix in with the brown sugar to macerate. Allow the berries to release some of their own juice about 10 minutes.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix together the ricotta cheese, yogurt and honey. Mix together well.
  3. In parfait glasses, or just some old-fashioned glasses, layer all the components – First add some yogurt/ricotta, then some fruit and end with some granola. Repeat again, yogurt/ricotta, fruit and granola. End up it some additional fruit on top.

Serve immediately. Serves about 3 parfaits.

The flavors are spectacular and the presentation is really nice, especially if you are entertaining for breakfast or brunch when you have special company, don’t you think??

My new Favorite breakfast…

14 Mar

I love breakfast foods. And I could eat breakfast foods all day…

Well, a few weeks ago I discovered this local bakery that sells their breads and granola at local health food stores. I encountered this granola, partly recommended by a guy who was demonstrating an açaí sherbet and juice. He served the sherbet with pieces of banana and granola. I liked the sample so I bought the sherbet and the granola. If there’s any testament to how much I like the granola, the sherbet still sits untouched in my freezer and I am in my third bag of granola already…

Nowadays, my favorite breakfast combination is to mix fresh fruit – strawberries, peaches, papaya, pineapple, etc. – with yogurt, honey and about ½ cup of Granola from La Hogaza. I’ve never been fond of eating dry cold cereal with milk in a bowl. But, I like the granola mixed with yogurt because it stays super crunchy until the last bite.

Besides my usual fruit-based smoothies, I love that I have a new way of getting my fruit for breakfast. Every morning I look forward to my granola/yogurt mix… it may not look all that good all jumbled together, but it tastes amazing.

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