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Is Durian a fruit or a vegetable?

8 Jul

Have you ever heard of durian? It’s also known as jackfruit in some places…

Everywhere I have looked, they refer to durian as a fruit. A very stinky fruit at that… a fruit so stinky it has been sometimes banned from being carried in public transportation. Apparently is that stinky…

In the Food Network it is always presented as a challenge, because when you get past that stinky impression, apparently durian is a very sweet and delicious fruit used in many desserts. Cooks just need to get over the initial impression to be able to fully enjoy durian in all its glory.

Durian Collage

However in India, I was presented durian as a vegetable… huh?

They told me that durian, when unripe is considered in India as a vegetable and cooked in curries and sauces to be eaten as a vegetable. When fully ripe, apparently is when the distinctive odor develops, then it turns sweet and is considered a fruit.

cooked durian

This is an example of the ways we were offered durian during our latest Indian trip… I kinda liked it. I tried it at the last portion of the trip when I was already tired of eating foods so heavily seasoned with cumin. So it’s not fair to the durian that it was made with so much of what I don’t enjoy. But I am willing to give it another try.

Have you ever eaten durian? In a sweet or savory preparation?? Please share…


Soursop Juice

10 May

Growing up I did not like any of the tropical fruit flavors… tamarind, mango, papaya or soursop. I would only like cherry, grape or orange. You know… the artificially-flavored stuff.  Buying piraguas in Old San Juan, I remember they had syrups made from our Puerto Rican fruits flavors, but I always chose the deep dark red one; the one I would stay farthest away from nowadays.

Then your tastes change… and they evolve and those flavors that you once thought were not that appealing are the ones you crave and appreciate the most.

Soursop is one of those flavors to me… I remember my grandma offering us guanábana at our casa de campo and we refusing profusely. Now, it’s one of my favorite flavors. But soursops are very hard to come by sometimes.  Soursops have a newfound rep of having cancer-fighting properties and when those types of reports start crawling around the internet, things get scarce. Whenever you see soursops at the grocery store, they’re expensive. So if you have a fruit-bearing tree… take very good care of it.


I found some soursops at the grocery store the other day and I decided to treat myself to some juice… it’s so easy to make yourself.

Look for soursops that are starting to give a little bit.  If they’re hard, they’re not fully ripe yet.  Allow them to fully ripen on your kitchen counter. And if they are beginning to soften and you can’t get to it, place it in the fridge to stop the ripening process.


Jugo de Guanabana Collage


1/3 cup of soursop pulp
About 1 cup of filtered water
2 tbs brown sugar


I like to remove the seeds from the pulp. I read from someone on Facebook that you could leave the seeds in… I guess you could, but it will become a mess when you strain it. I prefer to remove the seeds and try to grow some new soursop trees from them.

Semillas Guanabana 2


  1. In a blender or your Magic Bullet, add the fruit pulp, water and sugar. Add an ice cube if the water is not cold. Blend well together. The mixture will become white and creamy.
  2. I like to strain it… It’s not necessary, but I think the texture is better if you strain the juice before drinking it. Besides, if you miss a seed, you’ll be sure to take it out before drinking.


This is the measurement I use to make juice just for me in my Magic Bullet. I prefer to keep the pulp in the fridge and make the juice fresh right before I am about to drink it. All you need to do to make a larger batch for your family is to increase the quantities. Basically you’ll need 1 part pulp to 3 parts water and sweeten to taste.

Add sugar as you see fit. I like my soursop juice sweet. Sometimes the pulp is not as sweet as you would like. So feel free to adjust the sugar amount to your taste.



Fruits and Veggies… Good for you and the Planet.

8 Apr


Fruits… They have such sweet bodies

21 Mar


Just like fruits should realize they are so sweet and good for us… WE should also appreciate more our bodies instead of critizicing ourselves all the time.

Let’s be appreciative we have:

  • Legs to can carry us wherever we want to go.
  • Eyes that allow us to see the wonders of the world around us – sunrises, the blue sky, the sea, mountains, clouds, sunsets, etc.
  • Skin to feel the wind brusing up against us giving us a lovely embrace.
  • Arms to work hard, to lift the little kids in our lives and to hug someone who’s going thru a hard day.
  • A smile to warm up someone’s coldest day.
  • Hands to help someone in need.
  • A chest that holds our heart to spread love to everyone around us.

We all have very sweet bodies…  and our bodies will greatly benefit from eating more fresh seasonal fruits everyday.  They are nature’s candy and the original fast food.  Learn to appreciate the good they can do for you.



Fro-Yotopia in West Palm Beach…

15 Feb

If you live in the West Palm Beach area I urge you to try Fro-Yotopia…

I thought this was a franchise of some sort, but no… they’re a locally owned business located at the Downtown @ The Gardens open mall in Palm Beach Gardens.

I wish I had taken more pictures… but these are frozen yogurts with probiotic Active Live Cultures, which are good for you and your digestive system. They are delicious…

The concept is you take a cup and you fill it with your favorite flavor or flavors of soft serve frozen yogurt. You add as much or as little yogurt was you want. You serve it yourself… Add as many toppings and syrups/sauces as you want and the end concoction is then weighed and you pay by weight. You are the designer of your own dessert…

They have a lot of flavors to choose from: Vanilla, Strawberry, Tart, Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Blueberry Acai, Cake Batter, Sweet Coconut, Banana, NSA Coffee, among others. You just need to ask which flavors are made with eggs. Some of them are, but not all…

Then they have a whole suite of toppings you can choose from – all sorts of fresh fruits like strawberries, mangos, blueberry, kiwi, raspberries, walnuts, almonds, pecans, candy bars, chips, m&ms, you name it!!!! I like it they have it all color-coordinated so all the colorful stuff is together and all the white add-ons are placed together. So cute and fun!!!

I had the Tart and Strawberry fro-yo’s, which none contain eggs in their formula… topped with fresh strawberries and mango. I wanted to add some syrup, but I hesitated and my sister took the cup out of hand to weigh. I was holding the line…

I really enjoyed it a lot… If you’re in the West Palm Beach neck of the woods, visit this nice store and help them to continue bringing a great delicious product. And maybe even consider expanding to Puerto Rico!!!!! Hint hint 😉

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