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Fruits… They have such sweet bodies

21 Mar


Just like fruits should realize they are so sweet and good for us… WE should also appreciate more our bodies instead of critizicing ourselves all the time.

Let’s be appreciative we have:

  • Legs to can carry us wherever we want to go.
  • Eyes that allow us to see the wonders of the world around us – sunrises, the blue sky, the sea, mountains, clouds, sunsets, etc.
  • Skin to feel the wind brusing up against us giving us a lovely embrace.
  • Arms to work hard, to lift the little kids in our lives and to hug someone who’s going thru a hard day.
  • A smile to warm up someone’s coldest day.
  • Hands to help someone in need.
  • A chest that holds our heart to spread love to everyone around us.

We all have very sweet bodies…  and our bodies will greatly benefit from eating more fresh seasonal fruits everyday.  They are nature’s candy and the original fast food.  Learn to appreciate the good they can do for you.



Focus on the delicious foods…

24 Jan



When transitioning to a more natural and vegetarian diet, focus on all the delicious foods available to you instead on what you’re giving up.  Focus on the positive and the possibilities, not on the negative stuff you’re leaving behind.

To make it easier for you…  instead of deleting stuff from your diet, ADD NEW THINGS to your diet, for example:

  1. Eat a fresh salad everyday.
  2. Eat more fresh fruits.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Exercise for 30 mins a day.
  5. Try a new vegetable every month.

When you focus on ADDING new healthier habits, the older not-so-healthy ones will start to leave your life in a very natural way and the process to a healthier lifestyle will not feel as much as a chore as it may seem at the beggining.

Try it…

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