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Joined forces with Hispanic blog Madres Conectadas supporting a more natural and vegetarian diet across Latin America

9 May

When I started KarmaFree Cooking, my mission was always to communicate the benefits of the vegetarian diet to anyone who was willing to listen.  Knowing full well that my Latin peers were not very open to the idea, I’ve always known it’s important to teach by example rather than by preaching.

Kids nowadays come with a different set of hardwiring…  very frequently I hear moms say their kids have made the decision to stop eating meat and to become vegetarians – for whichever reason, because they love pets and they can fathom eating a pet of theirs, because they dislike the flavor or texture or because they simply bring a higher level of consciousness –  they pose a real conundrum to their mothers, who sometimes are not equipped to answer or  integrate their kids wishes into the family food dynamic.

Foto Gianny

Here is where my new friend Gianny Liranzo and Madres Conectadas come into play…  I met Gianny recently at a blogger conference in Miami.  Her energy and passion to connect and to be an educative agent for mothers across Latin America was truly contagious.  Gianny created the blog and web portal Madres Conectadas to provide practical, useful and realistic answers and support to all Spanish-speaking moms.  She wants to promote positive upbringing, strengthening of values and integral growth for all member of the family.  Madres Conectadas is based out of the Dominican Republic and provides support online for Spanish-speaking moms across Latin America and in-person for moms located there.

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We are so proud and happy to announce that Madres Conectadas will be sharing weekly KarmaFree Cooking recipes in their website and via their social networks.  Together we want to share with all
 how easy and delicious it is to follow a more healthful and vegetarian diet.  It’ll be an excellent collaborative project.

You can connect with Madres Conectadas in all social networks:  They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on YouTube, where they share videos of those pow-wows they organize in the Dominican Republic.  And who knows…  if all this goes well and maybe you guys ask for it, maybe I can join one of those pow-wows and make it all about the vegetarian cooking.  Sounds cool, huh??

We’ll also share some of Madres Conectadas content thru our social media platforms, so make sure you all follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram y en Pinterest.

I really want to thank Gianny for trusting me and KarmaFree Cooking and appreciating how our message and recipes can be of value to all moms in the Madres Conectadas universe.

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KarmaFree Cooking is nominated for Best Food Blog by Blogs by Latinas

6 Nov

Today is election day and we should ALL exercise our right to vote.

Many people around the world do now enjoy this privilege and it’s the only way to get your voice heard.  If you do not vote, in my opinion, you do not have the right then to complain about the state of your city, state or country.  So regardless of your affiliation, get out and VOTE.

And now that we’re all in the voting mode I want to share some great news…  KarmaFree Cooking has been nominated as BEST FOOD BLOG by the Blogs by Latinas organization. 

I am one of three nominees and people should vote for the one who they believe is the best candidate.  I actually know “virtually” the other 2 candidates…  they’re nice, but if you’re here reading this, you’ll know how much nicer I am!!! 😉  And I have all you to thank, my fans and friends here and on FaceBook,  who nominated my blog for this award.

So here I am campaigning for your vote…  please click here and scroll down to find the Best Food Blog category and please select KarmaFree Cooking.  This would be one fo the best gifts you can ever give me as we approach our 5th anniversary tomorrow.

Vote ASAP as voting closes tomorrow…

Thanks a lot… and GRACIAS MIL!!!!!

KarmaFree Cooking nominated by US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as 2012 Top Food Blogger

5 Sep

If you’re following my tweets and our FaceBook page you might already know that last week, KarmaFree Cooking was nominated for the 2012 HispanoBloggers Awards.   KarmaFree Cooking is nominated together with 4 other bloggers in the Food Category.

How did this happen????   I could not tell you at all, but it did. All I remember was that I joined HispanoBloggers.com and asked YOU, my fans, my friends, my followers to nominate me. Apparently, you responded my call and here we are now… WOW!!!

Bloggers in 11 different categories were nominated – Baby, Beauty, Culture, Family, Fashion, Food, Health, Kids, Life, Love and Parenting. The nominees were announced during the annual convention of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Among the nominees we can find several of my blogger friends like Jeanette from Sazón Boricua, Yadira from El Club de las Diosas, Sofía from Living la Vida Blogging, Bren from Flanboyant Eats and Laura Termini from Natural, Orgánica y Latina.

Here you can find a list of all the nominees in all categories – http://hispanobloggers.dialogo.us/awards

The winners in each category will be announced at the 33rd Annual National Convention of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on September 18, 2012. So stay tuned for the results.

Crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms… LOL!!!!

BacalaFREEtos… from Puerto Rico to the world!!!

9 Sep

My friend Bren, from the site FlanboyantEats is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a week-full of recipes from all over Latin America. She has shared with her readers the beauty and flavors of recipes from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Peru. Today is Friday, and it’s Puerto Rico’s turn.

Bren asked me to write something about a Puerto Rican dish I love and what better way to express my devotion for my beloved Puerto Rican cuisine than with homage to the BacalaFREEto!!!

Check out my guest post on FlanboyantEats here…

I have known Bren for a few years now… we have never met in person, but we have lots in common.  She’s Cuban, loves to cook and travel, loves fashion (maybe a little bit more than me…) and we love to share our passions thru writing.  Bren is certainly an inspiration… she has cooked for an Emeril show and look at the quote from Joel Rebouchon at the top of her blog!!!   FlanboyantEats even has Saveur Magazine seal of approval of the sites they love the most.  Kudos!!

As the name implies, FlanboyantEats is filled with FLAN recipes… maybe one day I can get her to feature one of my eggless flan recipes, what do you think???

Thanks Bren for featuring a little piece of Puerto Rico and KarmaFree Cooking in your wonderful site…

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