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KarmaFree Cooking Nominated as Best Recipe Blog by The Kitchn

5 Feb

Today was just another ordinary day… but my friend Donna from Cookistry told me I was nominated alongside her in The Kitchn as Best Recipe Blog for 2013.


How do these things come about??? I have no idea… but some people in The Kitchn, a website focusing on good cooking and good eating, believe KarmaFree Cooking is pretty awesome. We agree with them!!!! So if you also think KarmaFree Cooking is pretty awesome too, please take a few minutes of your time and let The Kitchn and the world know it thru your vote for KarmaFree Cooking.


And this does not end here… we’re also nominated as Best Healthy Cooking Blog too!!! So please vote in both categories and help me spread the word. Please share this with your friends and fan base… We have until February 8 to cast votes so time is of the essence.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a vegetarian blog by a Latina win this year?? Gracias…

PS – you can vote for as many blogs as you want… Cookistry is not a vegetarian blog, but Donna is a cool, cool, friend and I am voting for her as well. Check out her blog and vote for her too while you’re at it. OK??? 😉

KarmaFree Cooking is nominated for Best Food Blog by Blogs by Latinas

6 Nov

Today is election day and we should ALL exercise our right to vote.

Many people around the world do now enjoy this privilege and it’s the only way to get your voice heard.  If you do not vote, in my opinion, you do not have the right then to complain about the state of your city, state or country.  So regardless of your affiliation, get out and VOTE.

And now that we’re all in the voting mode I want to share some great news…  KarmaFree Cooking has been nominated as BEST FOOD BLOG by the Blogs by Latinas organization. 

I am one of three nominees and people should vote for the one who they believe is the best candidate.  I actually know “virtually” the other 2 candidates…  they’re nice, but if you’re here reading this, you’ll know how much nicer I am!!! 😉  And I have all you to thank, my fans and friends here and on FaceBook,  who nominated my blog for this award.

So here I am campaigning for your vote…  please click here and scroll down to find the Best Food Blog category and please select KarmaFree Cooking.  This would be one fo the best gifts you can ever give me as we approach our 5th anniversary tomorrow.

Vote ASAP as voting closes tomorrow…

Thanks a lot… and GRACIAS MIL!!!!!

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