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Guava Puree

10 Sep

I love guavas… I love guava paste… It’s part of the Puerto Rican/Cuban culinary DNA.

We used to have a guava tree behind our first house and I loved to eat fresh guavas right from the tree. Some are sweet… some are sweeter. But it’s definitely a fruit that represents me and my childhood.

You need to be careful when eating fresh guavas… you can’t chew on the pulp too much. Just a bit to puree the pulp in your mouth and swallow. Why?? Guavas have these little pesky seeds. These seeds are small enough that will remain almost untouched by the blade of a blender yet large enough to threaten to crack a molar of any adult if you bite into one.

This was not a concern when I was little, but after experiencing a few not so positive experiences with cracked molars, we protect our teeth as much as possible. Besides… the seeds taste like nothing. We can certainly get rid of them before any damage is done.


Guavas, peeled and cut

It is important when you peel and cut the guavas to look out of the fruit has any holes in it. If it does, it is very likely that guava may have one or a few little worms inside. Don’t be squeamish… this is all part of dealing with fresh guavas.

Just cut the guavas and inspect them a bit around the part where the seeds are. If there are worms, they will be moving… just remove them carefully and place them in a piece of paper towel. I may be creating bad karma for myself, but I kill them by squishing them in the paper towel. You may want to dispose of them in a different way… that’s entirely up to you.

  1. All you need to do is place the guava pieces into a blender with some water. I do not measure the water… but the more water you add, the looser the puree will be.
  2. After you process the guavas for a few minutes in the blender, you can strain it thru a sieve. The guava puree will go thru and the guava seeds will remain on the sieve.

Store the guava puree in a pourable container so you can use it in your favorite drinks or recipes.

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