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Virgin Mojito

24 Jul

When it’s Summer, all I want is something refreshing to cool down the temperature… be it at home, at the beach or at a friend’s.

When someone asks you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage), it doesn’t need to be something alcoholic… but it doesn’t need to be something boring either. You can bring a punch, make sangria or take advantage of all the refreshing mint that evokes the freshness of summer.

Just a few ingredients and you’ll have a great non-alcoholic alternative that will make any pregnant mom or young kid feel like they’re not missing anything at all.


Virgin Mojito 1


½ cup of Simply Limeade
The juice of 2-3 limes
½ cup of lemon/lime sparkling water or natural lemon/lime soda
2 tbs of brown sugar simple syrup or 2 tbs of turbinado sugar
4-5 mint leaves, sliced thinly or chopped
½ a lime, sliced thinly
Ice cubes


  1. Add the lime slices, sugar and mint leaves to an old fashioned glass. Using a muddler or the back of a wooden spoon, smash together all the ingredients.
  2. Add the limeade juice, fresh lime juice and sparkling water or natural soda.   Mix well with a stirrer and enjoy!!!


Virgin Mojito 3


Buenos Aires loves freshly squeezed Orange Juice

7 May

Ever since we started walking the street of Buenos Aires I noticed something really peculiar…

In many, many corners of the city you would find carts selling freshly squeezed orange juice. In Florida Street, a very popular shopping street, we saw between 4 or 5 in a 10 block strip.

We had the chance to get on a double-decker bus to get a snapshot of the city and those orange juice carts were everywhere. We also took a walking-tour of the city and the carts were waiting for us in every corner.

I just could not leave Buenos Aires without tasting an orange juice squeezed right in front of me. In San Telmo we had the first chance to drink it and it was super sweet and delicious. I wish I could have drunk so many more… But it will be on my next trip, because I wish this was only the first time I visit this wonderful city.

So if you visit Buenos Aires, please have SEVERAL orange juices in my name. Just say that your friend at KarmaFree Cooking sent you… 🙂

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