BB Shake

5 Jul

We definitely need to integrate more fruits and vegetables in our diets.   I’ve heard the saying that we need to eat “the rainbow” – eat food from all the colors of the rainbow throughout the day.

Let me give you an idea for purple… the BB Shake.  I am sorry if I am turning into Rachael Ray naming the inventions I create in the kitchen.  To be honest, I do it so I can keep track of them.  Because if I’d name everything only by the main ingredients it contains, the picture folder names would be ultra long.

No matter how I name it or you want to call it, this shake is GOOD!!!  The B’s come from the Banana and the Blueberries in the recipe.  So it’s basically a Banana Blueberry Shake.  You can make it vegan or not… just play around with the ingredients and enjoy a great breakfast drink full of antioxidants and potassium.





1 banana
1 handful of blueberries
¾ cup of pineapple juice
½ cup of yogurt or kefir – I use the plain kind, but vanilla would also work nicely
A big squirt of agave nectar
2-3 cubes of ice


  1. Mix everything in a blender.


If you rather not consume anything dairy… this shake works equally well without the yogurt/kefir.  If the shake is too think, add a bit of water or extra juice and it should loosen up.

One Response to “BB Shake”

  1. recipes2share July 6, 2008 at 9:14 am #

    This sounds divine and what an easy way of incorporating yet more fruit into the diet – great idea to make for the kids, a vitamin boost for the day.

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