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Some Harbaugh Super Bowl Ideas

31 Jan

I am not into football… but I have always been into Jim Harbaugh. I admit it!!!


When I went to school in Chicago, Jim Harbaugh was the quarterback for the Chicago Bears and he was the only reason why I withstood the frigid Chicago wind in the middle of winter to see my one and only live NFL game. Again, I do not follow football or the Super Bowl at all, but when last week everyone on Facebook was talking about the Harbaugh Bowl, my radar was on. I will most certainly be watching the game next Sunday, but mostly the takes they make on the coaches. In the meantime, you and I could be munching on these ideas that will certainly be the best side kick to any Super Bowl celebration.

And may your favorite team win… I am 100% sure a Harbaugh will celebrate with a ring!!!!

Soy Albondigas

Albondigas Sandwich

Fried Cheese

Plantain Arañitas

Pumpkin Fritters


Babaga-hummus 2

Red Bell Pepper Dip


Party Veggie Sandwiches


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