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KarmaFree Cooking’s 7 year Itch…

15 Nov

Yep… It’s been 7 years since we started this project called KarmaFree Cooking. And just like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs and lately I have neglected you a bit.  If you guys were my husband, we probably would be in therapy!!!

KarmaFree Cooking has 7 years of blogging experience.

And just like in a therapy session, I would try to focus on the positives we’ve had in our last 7 years:

Just like when any relationship hits that 7 year itch, I am ready to work as much as it takes to keep our relationship going strong.  Please, feel free to share your feelings too in the comments section.  Let me know what you like about us, what you would like to see from us, what you don’t like so we can fix it. 

I am positive that, if it’s for the best, we’ll still be around for 7+ more years… with your support and God’s will too.  Gracias!!!

Today we turn 6…

7 Nov

Today KarmaFree Cooking turns 6… and to be honest, I can’t believe it’s been this long. I still remember clearly that afternoon when I was plopped on my couch and decided to start a blog. I told myself… “Heck… How difficult can this be?”


Well let me tell you that hard work it is… It takes time – time to decide what to talk about, time to write about it, time to take pictures about it, time to cook for it… heck, I will not bore you with the details. But with all that time invested, also comes great satisfaction. It is an awesome feeling to read your comments here and on FaceBook on how much you like the recipes, how much you’re learning, how supported you feel… If in the end I get to inspire at least one of you out there into seriously consider the follow a vegetarian lifestyle or at least learn to appreciate the vegetarian lifestyle, my karma-yoga has been done.

This year I’ve traveled quite a lot… and I know you might feel a tad neglected. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to share are many recipes or commentaries as I usually do. And for that I apologize… profusely. You have no idea the amount of pending material I have on my computer., but your patience will be rewarded.

And as we usually do on our anniversaries, we recap our most popular recipes in the last 12 months. Nice to know these oldies, but favorites, still withstand the test of time. Thanks again for your readership and support. I love you all!!!



 How to Peel and Eat a Mango

Pasteles in Banana Leaves

Yuca with Cuban Mojo

Natural Cold Remedy

Kick-butt Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna


KarmaFree Cooking’s 5th Anniversary

7 Nov

OMG!!!! Can you believe it’s been 5 years since we started KarmaFree Cooking???

Time has gone by so fast and it’s amazing what we have done in this short amount of time. I am so thankful for all you who read my blog posts and comment on each one of them. Some of you are vegetarian;  most of you possibly are not.

But at least by reading what I share you’ll get a better appreciation of what being a vegetarian is and maybe, just maybe consider it in your near or distant future.   We are seen and read by people in…

USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia

India, Philippines, Mexico, Germany

Malaysia, Singapore, France

Puerto Rico and many, many others

If you look at the graphic, if the country is in ORANGE, someone over there has visited us in the past year.

Please… I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a comment or short message on this post telling us where you’re visiting from and what’s your favorite KarmaFree recipe. I want to give you a virtual HUG for supporting me and my blog.

In the meantime here are your most popular recipes of in the last year

Pasteles in Banana Leaves

Yuca with Cuban Mojo

Veggie Sancocho

Mami’s Tembleque

Fried White Sweet Potato


KarmaFree turns 3!!!!

17 Nov

It seems like it was just the other day when I decided to share the recipes I adapted from magazines, books, TV shows into delectable vegetarian concoctions all my friends and I would equally enjoy.

How quickly times go by, no??    Since that day in 2007 KarmaFree Cooking has grown into areas I never imaged then…

We have a new awesome logo and incorporated it into a brand new look…


We have a FaceBook page…



We have a Twitter account…



We have developed a reader base that spans the whole world around…


I am super proud of my US-based fan base, but it never ceases to impress me that people in Australia, India and even Russia are reading my posts here on a regular basis.  A great shout-out for you guys and feel free to say hi directly in the comments here.  I would like to know more about you all.


Now in year #3 I have a new goal…  I want to average 1,000 daily visitors.  I am not there yet, we need to work out a few things,  but with your help…  I am confident we can do this in the next few months. 

This is where you come in… I would like for all you KarmaFree Cooking regulars to share KarmaFree Cooking with your friends who like to cook, with those that would benefit from eating less meat in their diet, heck, just your friends that enjoy making easy and delicious recipes.  We want to grow and I need your help getting there.

Here are your favorite recipes in the last year…


Comme ci comme ca Salade Niçoise

Pasteles in Banana Leaves

Yuca con Mojo Cubano

Veggie Sancocho

Fried White Sweet Potato


Here are some of your favorite non-recipe articles…


Greek Food – a Great vegetarian alternative

Are there any rice cookers without Aluminum?

Vegetarianism as a way to lose weight


 Thanks a lot for your support.  Your positive energy fuels me to continue sharing everything I learn with you.

Happy Birthday, KarmaFree Cooking!!!

22 Nov

In my family, most birthdays are in November and KarmaFree Cooking is certainly not the exception… and in the midst of all this traveling I completely forgot to celebrate it accordingly.



I just can’t believe this little blog has been 2 years in existence.  This really is one of my true joys and sources of pride.  

And now that Thanksgiving is approaching I want to give you great big THANKS and please continue your support.    I really would like to give a shout out of THANKS to a few key souls who were and still are instrumental in the birth of KarmaFree Cooking and it’s version in Spanish, KarmaFree Cooking in Español:


My friend Ana Yolanda – for always believing in me and encouraging me to bring my cooking to all of you, even if she is not a vegetarian, yet… 

My friend Kathleen – who had a blog way before I did, but inspired me to have my own by sharing with her readers some of the recipes I shared with her…  I hope you’re doing all-right.

To Josy LaTorre – Josy is a well-known vegetarian in Puerto Rico, having a weekly column in El Nuevo Día newspaper and weekly radio show spreading the word on the advantages of a vegetarian lifestyle.   She has interviewed me in her radio show and encouraged me to start the Spanish-version of KarmaFree Cooking.  She’ll be soon releasing a book on her views on vegetarianism and I wish her much success with it…

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank all of YOU who read this blog periodically… without you, this would just be a project without purpose.  Your comments, your questions and your words of encouragement give me the motivation to continue providing you with my recipes and commentary.  It’s rewarding to learn that my recipes and stories help and motive many of you to start and stick to a more vegetarian way of living.

And for those of you who are new to this neighborhood, here you can have access to the most popular posts in the last few years:

French Onion Soup

Comme Çi Comme Ça Salade Niçoise

Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Brown Rice Krispies Treats  

Hummus Sandwich


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